It is being reported that the Hershey’s DC Chocolates Bars (pictured above) is ringing up $0.20 per bag!!!!!  This is a run deal.


Ralphs/Kroger: Weekly Digital Deals + More

The Ralphs Weekly Digital Deals are shown in the picture above.

Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes 10 oz 10/$10 or $1 each

Fresh Jennie-O Lean or Seasoned Ground Turkey 93% Lean, 7% Fat or Patties, 16 oz or Links, 19.5 oz; $2.99 with card


Cash Back Offers Vary by Account

Ralphs/Kroger Cash Back offers do vary by account.

A reader had left a comment that they had X, Y and Z Cash Back offers but when I went to look at my accounts (I have three accounts), I just did not have the offer on my accounts.

This maybe a coincidence but I have also noticed that my CB account that has the same email address as my Ibotta account has less offers once I’ve activated an offer on Ibotta.

We all have different shopping patterns.

I am more of a Vons shopper because it’s almost literally across the street from me, therefore, I really only go to Ralphs when there is a great deal.

If Ralphs was across the street from me, I’d me a regular Ralphs shopper.

If you only have one Ralphs account, I highly recommend that you get a second account and tie the account to a phone number that you can easily remember like your work number or Mr. Man’s or Miss Lady’s work number.

The rebate apps (including Cash Back) are very fluid in that they may limit or remove offers at a moment’s notice which means that you must move quickly on offers that you really, really want.

Also, there are lots of variations of offers that we may get, i.e., $1.25 Offer X, $2.50/2 Offer X, $3.75/3 Offer X so a deal that looks great to you may not get any attention from me because I have a horrible offer.

They are trying to keep us off balance with these tactics but when we find loop hole, we go in hard!


Ralphs/Kroger: Colgate Digital Coupons

Check your Ralphs/Kroger account for high denominational Colgate digital coupons!


The Farmer John bacon is on sale for $4.49 with the 50% off sale plus there’s a $1.50 off  2 Farmer John Products digital coupon.  The sale ends today (9/28).


Buy 2 Farmer John bacon $8.98
Use -$1.50 off  2 Farmer John Products digital coupon

Total after coupon used = $7.48

Final Price: $3.74 each!!!

If you prefer the Farmer John breakfast sausage on sale $1.24, Farmer John hot links is $5.24, and Farmer John polish sausage is $2.74 minus the $1.50 off  2 Farmer John Products digital coupon.