My Trip to Rite Aid – Day #2 🤣

Yesterday, I posted my Wednesday evening Rite Aid trip and I was super lucky to find the $0.50 clearance coupons on the $0.88 Baby Ruth candy bars and I had the presence of mind to max out the Swagbuck and the Mypoints offers which made my trip $6.46 Money Maker!

However, at Rite Aid, I used my phone number and my number doesn’t have the Baby Ruth offer for the Rite Aid Rewards Bonus Cash Challenge but that’s alright because remember that the trip was a Money Maker.

We wake up on Thursday and there’s a $0.38 Baby Ruth limit 5, CO51 offer and before I went to sleep I had thought to myself “wouldn’t it be nice if there’s a Baby Ruth C051 offer”.

I have two MyPoints accounts and a Inbox Dollars accounts which all is a subsidiary of the same company which means you need a different email address for C051, Swagbucks, Mypoints, Inbox Dollars and Tada rebate apps.

I paid $7.04 and got back $4 from MP and $4 ID and $1.90 CO51 and earned 700 points which I haven’t a clue how the new Rite Aid point system works!🤣


My Quick Trip to Rite Aid

Yesterday, I went to Rite Aid for the $7.96 Baby Ruth Money Maker. Initially, I couldn’t find the candy bars but I knew I had gotten them at that store previously so I walked up and down the area in front of the registers looking for the Baby Ruth and low and behold, I found them!

Each candy bar in the box had the $0.50 off coupon.

I had $1.50 in Bonus Cash so after coupons, I paid 2 cents for 4 candies and in my second transaction, I paid $1.52 for 4 more candies.  I paid $1.54 out of pocket and got back $4 Swagbucks and $4 MyPoints.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized “Oooops, I was supposed to getting the Baby Ruth for the Rite Aid promotion!”  It’s still a $6.46 Money Maker! 🤣


My Quick Trip to Rite Aid

How funny that this candy deal has come back on the day that I am having my 1 p.m. root canal redone for a second time.🤣

I am pushing the Best Rite Aid Deal 1/16 – 1/22 post to Friday.

However, the real reason I am writing this post is because I found Baby Ruth bars on sale for $0.88 with $0.50 off yellow tag coupons (as shown above) making them $0.38 each. Be on the lookout for the yellow tagged Baby Ruth!

There’s a Buy 2 Baby Ruth (Single or Share Pack) and earn 100 ($1) SB, limit 2 per week.

I bought the Red and Baby Ruth on the same receipt and when I submitted my receipt to Swagbucks, the Red was approved ASAP but I had to request a Receipt Review but I received an approved receipt email almost immediately so ended up being a $4.72 Money Maker with the Baby Ruth.

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My Quick Trips to Rite Aid

First of all, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and to Denise and all of you that to come to this blog and report on deals.  It is through each of you that you are helping some families simply survive and continue to have some since of normalcy.

In talking to family and friends, over the last week, due to the high price of gas and the inflation, they are ratcheting back on their spending for the holidays.

Anyways, I bought the Red chocolate bars which I found in the candy aisle and I used my Bonus Cash from the Black Friday deals into the chocolate bars to cash out with Swagbucks.

I found, the smaller Red chocolate bars at the cash register, are on sale for $0.88 and I bought all 4 in one transaction, I paid $3.52 and instantly, I got back $8 from MyPoints.  Again, I paid with bonus cash form the Black Friday deals.

If someone in your family is a diabetic or watching their weight, the candy bars are a great gift.




My Quick Trips to Rite Aid

So, on Sunday, I posted about the FREE + MM Battery Deal at Rite Aid and I ordered, online, 4 packs of batteries (I should have only ordered 2 but I didn’t know that at the time) for pick up and I waited and waited and wait for the email to tell me to come and pick up the batteries.

While waiting for the email, I went to another Rite Aid and used another account number and bought four of the batteries (I should have only bought 2) and I got back $16 in Bonus Cash. I basically paid a $1 for each pack of batteries and I’m okay with it.

I then got distracted by the FREE Thanksgiving Meal Walmart/Ibotta collaboration and I got distracted getting ready for my trip (why did I buy new luggage for my trip?) and I realized yesterday I had not gotten the email to pick up my batteries…which was kinda of a blessing because I was able to do the Rite Aid Magnum or Talenti Ice Cream *Glitch* ! I used the Bonus Cash to pay for the ice cream and I got $10 back.  I ended up paying like $1.39 each for the Magnum ice cream which is an amazing deal

I picked up the batteries but they only had 3 batteries and as you see by the receipt, I paid $6 and change and got $10 Bonus Cash!!!!!!