My Trip to Rite Aid

On Sunday, as it was New Year’s Eve, I kinda took my time getting out to do some couponing. I did go to CVS and I got the Purex and a few other things to use of the $6 Beauty Bucks that was to expire but I could not the Hershey Gold candy bar and when I asked the employee, he gave me the Scooby Doo look.

Anyways, back to my Rite Aid trip, walking into Rite Aid, on Sunday, I did not know how things were going to turn out as it was the first day of the wellness+BonusCash. I was hoping for some of glitch in their system and I think there was a mini-glitch with the Lysol wipes.

As it was NYE, only half of the regular Sunday morning folks were working and although, the girl, rang me up using works the mid-shifts and she really needs to be on some sort of medication because one day, I see and she all friendly and talkative and the next time, I see her she super sullen.

The cashier scanned the $2.50 off Lysol disaffecting spray or wipes Rite Aid email coupon and it scanned without a problem but the register only took off $2 for the coupon and I could see on the credit/debit machine that other coupons came off, as well.  Disregard the $2 coupon at the bottom of the pic above because it’s for the SheaMoisture.  In all, $7.55 in coupons came off for the Lysol wipes which means I paid $2.45 and I got back $2 BC.

The Dimetapp was a different story because the $5/2 Advil ThermaCare, Robitussin or Dimetapp items or Emergen-C 8-10ct, Rite Aid email coupon wouldn’t scan and the cashier said the register was saying the coupon was expired but once again, I could see on the credit/debit machine that other coupons came off, as well.  The $3 coupons that you are seeing are the early RP 1/7 inserts that I ordered.  Anyways, it was as if the register was doubling up on the RAQs.  I paid $2.43, got back $5 BC and submitted for (2) $2 Ibotta rebates.

There was only 3 SheaMositure hand soaps on the shelf and so I grabbed a Shampoo (their hair care products are too freaking expensive).  According to my receipt, the first $2 off SheaMoisture bath and body coupon attached to the hair care and the other two coupons would not scan so the cashier just manually entered the coupon but needed a manager’s approval.  I paid $20.44 for the SheaMoisture, got back $10 BC and earned $5 Savingstar and basically the SheaMoisture was FREE plus, I was able to roll $5 in store rewards into cash with the rebate!





My Trip to Rite Aid – Oh, Brother!

There is definitely something going with the Covergirl Rite Aid coupons because only two came off on my receipt – $4 for the eyeliner and $2 for the eyeshadow.  The $2 Covergirl coupon is actually for the mascara but came on the eyeshadow.  The $3/2 Covergirl L2C came off without a problem.

As I suspected, the prices at my store was $0.30 per product so even on the lowest priced item was higher than posted on my Covergirl deal post.

As I look at my receipt, the RAQs listed on my receipt says “Load2Card Coupon, RETAIL COUPON”, whereas, the $3/2 Covergirl coupon is listed as “Load2Card Coupon, MANUF COUPON.”

Yes, I will have to return all that Covergirl because I don’t need it and it was not a Money Maker for me.


My Trip to Rite Aid

I woke up late on Sunday which is rare for me and I was feeling very lazy.  Heck, I have been on the go since November 1st and I kinda lounged around the house for most of the day.  I didn’t even cook Sunday dinner which is another rarity for me.  I didn’t get out until a little after 6:30 pm.

Anyways, I did go to CVS and I thought I was doing the fragrance deal but I screwed up that transaction because I did not get back the $20 Extra Bucks.  Yeah, I’m going to have to do a return.

I decided to go to Rite Aid, I was hoping that the Thermacare and Advil PM Load2Card coupons were working and YES, they came off on my receipt!  For the Thermacare/Advil PM after coupons and Gold status, I paid $2.18 and I submitted my receipt for the $2 Advil PM and $1.50 Thermacare Checkout 51 rebates and I should earn the another $3.50 from Saving*.  No need for me to complete the weekly deal as it would probably cut into my Money Maker.

Don’t forget that the Checkout 51 rebates resets every Thursday and hopefully, the Thermacare and Advil PM will reset for those that haven’t done the deal.


My Trip to Rite Aid (11/29)

On Wednesday morning, I was super excited about the $12 Hydralyte Money Maker at Rite Aid, as I was getting dressed for work.  However, I checked for comments on my blog and a reader had left a comment the on Checkout 51, they were out of offers.  I hurriedly check the CO51 app and the offers were still available….for me.

I stopped by Rite Aid on my way to work, I easily found the two Hydralytes and the $2 coupons scanned perfectly.  When I got to work, I proceeded to scan my receipt for the CO51 but initially, I only found one Hydralyte rebate offer so I clicked it and submitted for the rebate.  However, while I was in Rite Aid, I checked again for the two rebates and they were both there.

I then looked on CO51 once again for the second rebate offer and I literally had to scan through each and every offer and I found the second rebate.  I once again click the “plus” sign to activate the rebate and I once again scanned my receipt and submitted for the second rebate offer.

I think what happened, yesterday, is that CO51 was being slammed by East Coast couponers and it recked havoc on processing rebates.  Even without the Savingstar rebate offer, the Hydralye deal was a nice Money Maker!


My Trip to Rite Aid & CVS

Because I knew it was going to be hot as all get out on Thanksgiving, I knew that I needed to get to Rite Aid at 8 a.m. for the $1.75 Big Win bottled water and I want to say that there was only 8 packs of water when I walked into the store.  However, I could see that there was a whole shelf with just the tags up that was completely cleared.  It could have been that just had not put the water out yet.

Only (1) of the $2 Hello coupons scanned but the $2 Max Freeze had to be manually entered into the register.  I got back all of the points that I expected and I submitted my receipt for the Hello toothpaste Checkout 51 rebates and I was credited!

I completely forgot that there was a Ibotta had a limit of 5 on the GE lights.  I’ll buy another and keep my fingers crossed that the rebate will come back.  I also got a $5 off $25 catalina.

CVS was super easy because all the coupons scanned without a problem.  The manager rung me up  and she didn’t max out the value on the B1G1 Free 3 Musketeer coupon (NLA)  so I just got all four candy bars free after coupons.  I will also get back a $1 Savingstar rebate for the cereal.

I also picked up the memory foam slippers at $4.88 each as Christmas/birthday gifts and using my Extra Bucks to pay for them.  I few weeks ago, I had gotten my mom pajamas on the cheap from Kmart and the slippers will be perfect with the pajamas!  The other pair of slippers will go to one of the males on my gift list.