My Quick Trips to Rite Aid

So, on Sunday, I posted about the FREE + MM Battery Deal at Rite Aid and I ordered, online, 4 packs of batteries (I should have only ordered 2 but I didn’t know that at the time) for pick up and I waited and waited and wait for the email to tell me to come and pick up the batteries.

While waiting for the email, I went to another Rite Aid and used another account number and bought four of the batteries (I should have only bought 2) and I got back $16 in Bonus Cash. I basically paid a $1 for each pack of batteries and I’m okay with it.

I then got distracted by the FREE Thanksgiving Meal Walmart/Ibotta collaboration and I got distracted getting ready for my trip (why did I buy new luggage for my trip?) and I realized yesterday I had not gotten the email to pick up my batteries…which was kinda of a blessing because I was able to do the Rite Aid Magnum or Talenti Ice Cream *Glitch* ! I used the Bonus Cash to pay for the ice cream and I got $10 back.  I ended up paying like $1.39 each for the Magnum ice cream which is an amazing deal

I picked up the batteries but they only had 3 batteries and as you see by the receipt, I paid $6 and change and got $10 Bonus Cash!!!!!!


My Trip to Walgreens


Revlon makes a great lipstick in the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, I think any girl of any age  can find their perfect nude lipstick or their dressed to impress lipstick.

I don’t know if the $3 Revlon Ibotta rebates are still available as I’ve already redeemed my offers (BUT sometimes the Revlon offers do come back) because I still had the $14 in RR’s from the Money Maker Oral-B & Cheap Godiva Chocolate deal and what a blessing to roll Register Rewards into CASH!!!

I could have made a bigger MM if I’d split my transaction into two but I did one transaction and one of the two Revlon coupons did not come off on my receipt but my trip still worked out.

1 Revlon Photo Ready Candid Glow $11.49
1 Revlon lipstick $4.64
1 Revlon mascara $8.99
1 Revlon lipstick $4.24
1 Red Vines $1.69
1 Airheads $0.89

= $31.94

-$8 off Revlon DQ
-$14 off Register Rewards

= $9.94

Got back $4 RR
Got back $4 Walgreens Cash when you spend $20 offer
*Got back $9.70 Ibotta

Final Price: FREE + $7.76 MM


My Trip to Rite Aid🏃🏽‍♀️🔥

This morning, I posted about the FREE Kellogg’s Jumbo SNAX at Vons/Albertsons (the Ibotta rebate may no longer be available) and there’s a Vons in my neighborhood that is across from Rite Aid.

After I finished at Vons, I drove over to Rite Aid and I posted a couple weeks ago that the Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Bars was clearance for $0.99.

HOWEVER, my store had no clearance signage but I took a chance and they rang up for $0.54 each which made the bars a $0.46 Money Maker per bar!!!

The Money Maker Vaseline lip therapy original price is $1.99 but tagged for 50% off clearance, HOWEVER, they rang up for $0.49 each, buy 2 get $4 Bonus Cash (limit 2?). The receipts no longer tell you if you’ve reached your limit. At my store, only Vaseline lip therapy “original” was tagged at 50% but they had “Rose” and “Coco Butter” which maybe on clearance but I went with the original.

If there is stock available make sure to max out both deals!

Also, Denise, mentioned that Money Maker Nature’s Truth Vitamin E Stick keeps resetting on Ibotta (thanks, Denise!) and it’s on BOGO. 🙂

Don’t forget to pick up the FREE Butterfinger Single Serve Candy Bars at Rite Aid!


My Quick Trip to Rite Aid (5/24)

Yesterday, my back was kinda achy from the hike I went on with my son but thankfully, we had gotten the FREE Tiger Balm Pain Relief Patch but of course, yesterday, I was running getting in on those great deals including the $5 any Brand Wine Bonus. Finally, as I was going to bed, I put on the Tiger Balm Pain Relief Patch and that thing is the truth…I am going to pick up more of the Tiger Balm.

Anyways, around 8 o’clock, last night, I ran over to Rite Aid because I know they have the cheap wine and the Liberty Creek is on sale for $2.99 and submitted my receipt for the $5 bonus. The Liberty Creek is in the same carton as the Flow water.


Since the weather is going to be in the low 70’s in the mornings through Sunday, I took advantage of the cooler weather, and went to the park for my morning walk.  I hadn’t walked in over a week because we had nearly triple digit weather and I cannot walk when it’s 85 degrees at 7 a.m. plus we had poor air quality due to the fires.

On my way to the park, I stopped at Vons because it’s practically across the street from me and grab the Buddig Premium Deli lunchmeat, I paid $4 and submit my receipt for $2 Ibotta.

I then went to Whole Food and to my surprise, they had all three sizes of the FREE ZenWTR!!!  I also got the The Soulfull Project Hot Cereal and used the BOGO The Soulfull Project coupon. I don’t know if the coupon scanned or not because cashier just took the $4.29 off of my receipt.  The purchase of the water and the Soulfull oatmeal qualified me for the $10 Amazon Credit for Amazon Prime Day Oct. 13-14!!!  It’s like a $10 Money Maker! 🙂

I finally got my walk in and after I’d finished, I stopped by Albertsons for another FREE ZenWTR.  I now have four free bottled waters.

I then stopped by Rite Aid to see if they had any of the Money Maker Crest Pro-Health Whitening Gel Toothpaste 6.3 oz and they only had two on the shelf which is all I needed and they both rang up for $1.57 and I got back two $3 Bonus Cash. The deal worked exactly as stated.

Finally, my last stop was CVS and I grabbed the Babo Toilet Paper for $6.99 and I got back the $6 Extra Bucks!