My Trip to Rite Aid (3/6)

I kinda flubbed this transaction because I used the card that does not have a discount but had allot of Plenti points. ¬†For example, I would not have gotten the sodas on this card with no discount. ūüôĀ ¬†Anyways, I did have an earn 800 pts when you buy $40 coupon.

(2) Schwarzkopt hair color $19
Crest toothpaste $3
Oral-B toothbrush $3
(2) Whole Blends hair care $7
Caltrate 600 60 ct $9.99
Coke 12 pack $6.29 +  $.60 CRV

= $48.88

-$7 Schwarzkopt RP 3/5
-$2 Crest L2C
-$1 Oral-B L2C
-$3/2 Whole Blends RAQ
(2) -$2 Whole Blends RP#1 3/5
$1 off Caltrate freshness peelie RAQ
$4 off Caltrate coupon
-$4.99 FREE Coke 12 pk coupon (from My Coke Rewards)
-$24.39 in Plenti Points

= $0.00

Got Back $11 – $8, $3 Crest

Savingstar $15 – $7 hair color, $2 Whole Blends, $6 Caltrate/Centrum

Checkout 51 – $2 Schwarzkopt hair color


My Trip to Rite Aid (2/12)

I did two separate transactions on two cards for the Flonase.

Gold card

Flonase 120 ct $22.39
-$10 Flonase

= $12.39

Get back $20 Savingstar rebate

No Discount

Flonase 120 ct $27.99
-$10 Flonase

= $17.99

Get Back $20 Savingstar rebate


My Trip to Rite Aid (2/5)

I could hardly believe when I woke up checked my email on Sunday morning that Rite Aid had sent me a $3 GE light bulb coupon just as they had they week prior with two separate bar codes! However, only one of the GE coupons scanned, the other had to manually entered.  I did this deal on card #2.

(2) GE LED light bulbs $15.98
Revlon mascara $8.99
Revlon eye palette $3.64 (BOGO50%)
Coke 12 pack $4.99

= $33.26

(2) -$3 GE light bulb RAQ
-$8.99 B1G1 Revlon coupon (NLA)
-$4.99 FREE Coke 12 pack (from My Coke Rewards)
-$13.62 in Plenti Points

Got Back $26 – $10 Blizzard, (2) $5 GE and (2) $3 GE Plenti offer


My Trip to Rite Aid (1/8)

It seems as soon as I posted that the GE light bulbs were not in our California Rite Aid ads…my blog went down…and my web host went down. ¬†Since I’m not far from Rite Aid, I decided to go into the store to see if the light bulbs were tagged in store and they were tagged for the $7.99 get 500 points.

I also had the GE light bulb Plenti offer.

The Plenti offers are always a limit of 2, although, it states a limit of 1.

(2) GE LED light bulb 1 ct $15.98
(2) -$2 GE light bulb SS#1 1/8 (from San Diego Union Tribune)

= $11.98

Got Back (2) $5
Got Back (2) $3


My Trip to Rite Aid (11/25)

1I finally got around to finish my Rite Aid shopping on my main card. I had a bunch of Plenti points from the gift cards over the last month but I only got the items that I wanted.  I did not get all the freebies because I did not want nor needed them.

The mini massagers were so cute and for $.99, you can’t pass them up.

The little fuzzy socks are 2/$1 and with hardwood floors, my feet get cold in the mornings.

The Oreo Cookies deal and the Hershey’s nugget deal, I posted about yesterday. ¬†My family seems to go through cookies like there is no tomorrow.

The tape and the Kleenex was free after Plenti points.

The cereal was $1.77 each.



My Trip to Rite Aid (11/24)

1I actually woke up at nearly 8 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day and I was almost in panic mode!  I had not gotten my coupons together nor made a plan.  However, there was four things that I wanted for sure РKleenex, Philips Earbuds, Crest toothpaste and Schwarzkopf.  I was using my second card for the Schwarzkopf deal but being in a hurry, I grab the Schwarzkopf that was only 50% off but I still was able to roll store rewards into cash!

(2) Kleenex $2
(2) Philips earbuds $12
(2) Schwarzkopf $8.28
Crest toothpaste $3

= $25.28

-$5/2 Schwarzkopf RP 11/6
-$2 Crest 11/20
-$18.28 in Plenti Points

Got Back $15 in Plenti Points
Got Back $.75/2 Kleenex Checkout 51 rebate
Earned $7 Schwarzkopf in Savingstar rebate

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My Trip to Target and Rite Aid (11/21)


Around 7 o’clock, last night, I drove over to Rite Aid for the Money Maker¬†Schwarzkopf hair care deal.¬† The¬†Schwarzkopf was $.30 higher at my store but it’s still a Money Maker or even FREE if you do not have the Savingstar rebates. ¬†I bought three because I wanted the $5/2¬†Schwarzkopf Load2Card coupon to come off on my receipt…and I was being a bit lazy.

(3) Schwarzkopf hair care $6.21
-$5/2 Schwarzkopf Load2Card coupon

Total after coupon used = $1.21

Earned $7 in Savingstar rebates

Then I went drove to Target for the Dulcolax deal, I had already done the Dolcolax deal on Saturday and the rebate came back on Monday!

1I had completed Ibotta’s Weekend Warrior but I still needed to redeem five more rebates for the $5 Turkey Trot Bonus.

Dulcolax Laxative 25 ct $4.99
DulcoEase Stool 25 ct $4.99

= $9.98

-$3 Cartwheel
-$3 Dulcolax
-$2 Dulcolax
-$1.98 Target gift card

Earned $6 Ibotta rebates

Now, I have three more Ibotta rebates to redeem and I’ll earn the $5 Bonus!