We have three things that we absolutely need to survive – food, clothing and shelter.  We know that shelter takes a big chunk out of our budget but we don’t really think about how food also depletes our weekly budget.  When I post deals, I come from a place where I used live paycheck-to-paycheck and I had to have a food budget, gasoline budget, etc. just to survive…and I know that there is someone out there that is reading my posts that is in the same boat trying to survive because you make too much money to get food stamps but you don’t make enough money to get ahead.

Ralphs has the Fishpeople Flash-Frozen Seafood Kits are on sale for $7.99 each and there’s a B1G1 FREE Fishpeople Flash-Frozen Seafood Kit digital coupon and you can get the Fishpeople seafood kits for absolutely FREE when you read my post and the comments.  I also picked up the FREE RXBAR Single at Ralphs and Kroger stores.

I had already picked up the Fig Newtons at Walmarts for the $0.75 CO51 rebates and so I picked up the Oreo cookies for the $0.75 Multipack CO51 rebates.  Rite Aid has the Nabisco single serve snacks are on sale for 2/$1.

Walgreens, I stopped by Walgreens for the BIC Silky Touch deal, however, the $3 digital coupon did come off but the $2 digital coupon did not come off on my receipt so it was still a Money Maker.

I went to Walmart to get the Nissan Cup Noodles Very Veggie as my son really likes the cup of noodles and after the Ibotta rebates, you get 5 cups for free + Money Maker.

I love the picture above because you can literally make a meal from the fish and cup of noodles and enjoy a snack.




My Trip to Rite Aid & Walgreens (3/2)

On Saturday morning, I knew that my first stop would need to be Rite Aid for the BelVita Breakfast Biscuits and the nutritional numbers on the biscuits are actually not bad plus I was able to find a box of them but only 8 comes in a box so I grab an additional 2 to make it an even ten which means that I made out the CO51 rebate.

It took almost 20 hours for my CO51 rebate to be approved.  The Oreos were also on sale for 2/$1 but by the time that I scanned my receipt inside my car, there were zero quantities of the CO51 rebate available on the Oreos but I was still super excited for the BelVita still available.

Denise confirmed that the Oreo cookie purchase did work for S*!

I had gone to Walgreens earlier in the week for the Lindsay Olives but forgot to pick up the targeted offer for the FREE Gevalia coffee.  I was hoping to find decaf Gevalia but they didn’t have it on the shelf.  I’m hoping that my next visit with the doctor, later this month, that my blood pressure will show an improvement and I can have my cup of coffee a day.

Research has shown that drinking caffeine can spike your blood pressure significantly but then your blood pressures goes back down quickly and that’s why doctors don’t want you drinking coffee or soda when you with high blood pressure.


My Trip to Rite Aid for Senior Day

I went to Rite Aid a little after 1 p.m. to use the Senior Day coupons but I did not see them out of the tables and it was kind of busy in there because that particular store and the store in Hillcrest are busy stores, near freeways.

Anyways, I bought the Centrum and the Biscoff cookies and the digital coupons worked just fine.  However, I did forget that I no longer have a 20% discount so I ended up paying $1.39 for those cookie after the $2 Senior Day coupon but I’d not tasted the cookies before and I wanted to try them.


My Quick Trips to Rite Aid & Walgreens

Today, is the last day that I can use my Gold Status Rite Aid card because I didn’t spend enough to make Gold Status for 2019 but I did spend enough to make Silver Status on that card for 2019.  However, that is the same card where Rite Aid Messed Up My Account.

Anyways, I did the Sheamoisture deal using my second card which is at Silver Status but that card won’t have discounts next year.  I bought 2 of the hair care for $10.79 each (price includes the 10% discount for Silver Status), I used (2) $3 Sheamoisture coupons and $12.31 in Bonus Cash, paid $3.27 and got back $10 Bonus Cash and earned $5 Savingstar rebate.

At Rite Aid #2, I found a little coin bank on 75% off clearance for $2.49.  I keep it or use it as a Christmas gift for next year.

I got at lucky at Walgreens because they had a young male cashier so I grabbed the Vichy Makeup Remover Wipes for $0.99 each on two different cards!



My Quick Trips to Rite Aid, CVS and Target

I needed to redeem three more rebates to complete the $2 Cocoa Cash Ibotta Bonus rebate. My first stop on Sunday was Rite Aid where I bought the two Prego pasta sauce and the purchase counted towards bonus.  I had a $1 Bonus Cash that I used for this transaction.

I then went to CVS to get the Nexium 24Hr 28 ct and I posted about this freebie Savingstar deal on Sunday.  Initially, what I did was go on cvs.com, I sent the coupons to my card that I thought would apply and then added the Nexium 28 ct to my cart to see which coupons would apply, they all applied, I then removed the item from cart and tested in store.  It worked exactly as I posted.

Interesting event about my CVS trip, is a FREE $1 Extra Bucks printed on my receipt, it’s valid for 7 days.  It’s the second time, within the past four weeks that I have gotten a FREE $1 Extra Bucks and it was not at the same store.  It appears that CVS is doing some sort of secret customer beta test.

Also, over the last couple of months, CVS has been sending requests to take a quick minute to answer a surveys.  The requests are coming from CVS and not the company that does the CVS Survey.

I then went to a Target I had never previously visited (thank goodness for the GPS on my phone) for the Tropicana Essentials Probiotics Peach Passion Fruit Juice 10 oz and I thought that the store was out of stock.  I was just about to head to the registers when I thought to myself “go look one more time” and I spotted them!  It counted towards the Ibotta bonus and it was an easy Money Maker with no tax.

I almost forgot but I’m not changing the post title, I went to Walmart and picked up a Neutrogena sheet mask for $2.50 and got back a $2 Ibotta rebate.

I completed the bonus and I want to say that 90% of items that I got for the bonus were free or Money Makers like the fragrances, the other 10% were items that normally eat or drink so I don’t mind having out of pocket for those items.