My Trip to Rite Aid

Wow, it’s the second week in a row that I’ve gone to Rite Aid because they’ve had hot deals!  Keep in mind that you only have 30 days before your Bonus Cash expires and Black Friday is November 29.

Last week, it was the $0.49 Glad trash bags and this week, it’s the Money Maker Air Wick Plug-in Scented Oil Kits or the FREE or Cheap Lysol Cleaners or Wipes!!!

Earlier, this morning, I posted about the FREE Halls cough drops.

I was lucky enough to spot $0.50 off Lysol Daily Cleaner peelie coupons, I only took two of the peelie coupons since I enough cleaners to last me a year.

(2) Halls cough drops $3
(2) Lysol Daily Cleaner $5
(2) Air Wick oil plug-ins starter kits $5

= $13

-$1/2 Halls L2C
(2) -$0.50 off Lysol Daily Cleaner peelie coupon
(2) -$2 off Air Wick printable coupons

= $7 Paid with Bonus Cash

Got Back $8 in Bonus Cash
Got Back $1 Checkout 51 rebate
Earned $1 Savingstar rebate


My Trip to Rite Aid

I went to Rite Aid at 9 a.m., specifically, for the cheap Glad trash bags!  I did this on two different accounts.

Your out of pocket will be $9.98 + tax and you’ll get back $9 in Bonus Cash which you’ll need to use within 30 days.

In my house, the trash is emptied every single day because I don’t allow trash to be sitting overnight because I am terrified of getting roaches and rats.  If it’s just me here by myself for a week because Mr. Man is traveling for his job, I will take the trash to the dumpster myself but most of the times Mr. Man or Kevin takes out the trash.

We go through a lot of trash bags. 🙂


My Trip to Rite Aid

I just got back from Rite Aid from doing the Quaker Instant Oatmeal Express Cups for $0.03 each and a $3 of 5 Quaker oatmeal cups catalina coupon printed!!!

When walked into the store, they had 10 oatmeal cups. I had grabbed 3 cups on my first transaction and then I grabbed 5 Quaker oatmeal cups. I used the phone number for my second account and another 30% off coupon.

Buy 5 Quaker Instant Oatmeal Express Cups $5
Use -$1.50 Friends & Family coupon
and Use -$3 off 5 Quaker oatmeal cups catalina coupon

Total after coupon used = $.50

Get Back $2 Savingstar rebate

Final Price: FREE + $1.50 Money Maker!!!

My second card is tied to my second Savingstar account.


My Quick Trips to Rite Aid

Rite Aid finally had a simple Money Maker that I could get onboard with I stopped by the Rite Aid nearest to my home and quickly got the Money Maker Crest toothpaste and the Crest mouthwash and I was quickly back on the road to Ralphs.

I then stopped by a Rite Aid near Ralphs and I quickly grabbed the Money Maker Crest toothpaste but they didn’t have  of the Crest Scope and  we got plenty of FREE Oral-B toothbrushes in June so I just got the toothpaste and I was on my way!


My Quick Trip to Rite Aid & CVS

OMG, the price of gas is outrageously high, I’ll have to start walking to Rite Aid but it was raining when I went over there and I don’t like walking in the rain.  However, in the past, I have walked to Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens.

Anyways, I went to Rite Aid and bought 2 of the Hershey chocolate bar 6 ct, used $5 in Bonus Cash, I paid $2.98 out of pocket and I got back $4 in Bonus Cash and I submit for the $1 S* and $1 CO51.  I also received another 30% off Rite Aid coupon for next weekend!

Today, I went to CVS because I had a CVS 20% off coupon that I received in my mail box that was expiring today and I did the L’Oreal hair care deal will the 20% off coupon.  However, I cannot figure out how my out of pocket is $2.46 when the receipt says that the 20% off coupon only took off $0.51.

$4.99 L’Oreal shampoo
$4.99 L’Oreal conditioner
$1.25 candy bar

= $11.23

(2) -$2 COUPONS
-$4 ECB

= $2.72

But as you can clearly see in the picture above my receipt says $2.46. It’s so odd but I shouldn’t complain. I got back a $4 ECB and submitted for the $3 in Ibotta rebates.