My Trip to Rite Aid

Uggghhhhh, I completely forgot that the $2 off 2 Talenti Rite Aid coupon isn’t effective until Wednesday but I did find the FREE elf eye shadow brushes!!!


My Trips to Walgreens & Rite Aid

I got up pretty early, at 5 a.m., and I zoomed over to Walgreens keeping my fingers crossed that they had at least 11 boxes of the Puff tissues and they did!!!!!!  I was so happy that I could do the Puff tissue deal and use my Balance Rewards to pay and with my year-round allergies, this was an excellent deal for me.  Also, last week, Walgreens had sent me an email that 3630 of my Balance Rewards would expire on 09/01/18 so the Puffs deal worked out great.

I should have gone directly to Rite Aid afterwards but I was too lazy and when I finally decided to leave home, it was blazing hot and the humidity was about to kill me off! I got inside of Rite Aid and they are trying to save money by barely running their air conditioner.  I decided to do the Allegra deal (buy $30 get $10 BC) because I was down to a few and it should double-dip Wellness+ Allergy Rewards (buy $75 get $20 BC). However, I’m not seeing the tracking for the Wellness+ Allergy Rewards on my receipt and I’m hoping that was just a glitch on my receipt.  Just keep in mind that not all of the Allegra tabs count towards the weekly deal.

(1) Allegra 24 hr 45 ct $29.99
(1) Allegra 24 hr 30 ct $11.49 (BOGO50%)

= $41.48

Used -$29.19 in BC
Used (2) -$4 Allegra RMN 7/29
or $4 off Allegra Allergy 24HR 24ct or Larger or any Allegra-D Product coupon

Got Back $10 BC

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My Trips to Rite Aid

Wow, this has been my third time within a month of going to Rite Aid but the FREE Jolly Ranchers candies was calling my name!  I typically, will only keep one bag of freebies snacks like cookies, crackers or candy at home and I will take the rest to the office and put it on our snack table.

Those FREE Chips Ahoy cookies that we got at Ralphs didn’t even last until 1 o’clock in the afternoon.  I still have a bags of those cookies left and if they are not eaten soon, I’ll be taking those cookies to the office, too.

I did the Jolly Ranchers candy on two different cards and maxed out the deal.  I got the Jolly Ranchers because they are individually wrapped and I don’t have worry about people with dirty hands.


My Trip to CVS and Rite Aid

O.M.G., it was so hot, this past, weekend.  On Sunday, a friend and I were crying the blues about how hot it was Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Pretty much everything need to be done in the mornings because by the time 11 a.m. hit, it was just unbearable to walk from your car to any store because I’d be sweating like a pig and then once you got into the store, the air conditioner was only half working with the exception of Target, they had their air on full blast so that you leisurely walk through the store in comfort.  There was no cooking, we enjoyed dinner out!

I went to CVS to do the quick and easy Persil Money Maker and then I stopped by Rite Aid. I had not plan to do the Crest/Oral-B deals but my son was just complaining how he really didn’t like Listerine so I decided to pick up the Crest mouth wash since it was FREE and the FREE Snickers.  The manager rang me up and I had no problems with using the paper coupon, the digital coupon and the Bonus Cash.




My Quick Trip to Rite Aid (7/1)

I had no plans to go to Rite Aid on Sunday but when I read about the $8 Skintimate Money Maker and I have some Bonus Cash in my account so I’d have not out of pocket, I zoomed to Rite Aid and the Money Maker worked as stated in my post.

This was a nice way to start out the month of July! 🙂