Vons/Albertsons: Friday Only Deals + More!!!

Make sure to check out the Vons/Albertsons Friday Only Deals plus below are some other pretty good deals.

{FRIDAY ONLY} Jennie-O 85% Lean Ground Turkey 16 oz. 2/$5, limit 4

{FRIDAY ONLY} Blueberries, Blackberries or Raspberries 12-18 oz. package $5 – $1 Produce = $4

Signature Select Grape Tomatoes 11 oz. $2.50 – $1 Produce = $1.50

Baby Ruth candy bar $1.29, Buy 4 for $5.16 submit for $6 Swagbucks or Mypoints = FREE + $.84 MM (thanks, Denise!)

Medium Ripe Hass Avocados $.99, Buy 2 for $1.98 – $1 Produce = $.98 or $.49 ea

Pork Back Ribs $2.99/lb

{FAB 5} Daisy Sour Cream 16 oz. $1.49 –$.75 IB = $.74

{FAB 5} Ken’s Salad Dressing 16 oz. $1.99 – $2 Ken SS 01/02$.65 IB = FREE+$.65 MM

{FAB 5} Turnovers 4 ct. or Pastry Bites 18 ct. $2.99 – $1 Bakery = $1.99

McCormick or O Organics Taco Seasoning $0.89, Buy 2 O Organic $1.78 – $1 O Organic = $.78 or $0.39

Ready Pac Salad Blends 5-11 oz 2/$4 – $1 Produce = $3 or $1.50 ea

{FRIDAY ONLY} Mini Croissants 10 ct. or Chocolate Filled 12 ct. $5 – $1 Bakery = $4

{FRIDAY ONLY} Signature SELECT Variety Cheesecake 16 oz. Apple or Pumpkin Pie 8 in. $5 – $1 Bakery = $4

Ratio Protein yogurt 5.3 oz $1.33 – $1 Yogurt$0.30 DQ = $0.03 – $0.40 IB = FREE + $0.37 MM

{FRIDAY ONLY} Bertolli Olive Oil 25.36 oz.$5


$4.49 Red Baron Pizza, select varieties, any size, Ibotta, valid at multiple stores (thanks, Cheryl!)

This offer says that it’s valid thru 2/13 but I’d pick up a FREE pizza ASAP! In San Diego, the prices for the Red Baron Pizza is as follows:

Ralphs and Food 4 Less for $3.99

Target for $4.49

Walgreens for $5.99

Vons/Albertsons $4.99

CVS $6.99

Pizza not available at Walmart nor Rite Aid in my area.

Let me run and get my FREE pizza!!!!

Thanks, Cheryl!


Ground Turkey is now cheaper than Ground Beef

You can no longer find ground beef for $2.50/lb. at most stores but this upcoming Friday, Vons and Albertsons stores will have the Jennie-O 85% Lean Ground Turkey 16 oz. on sale 2/$5, limit 4.

Mr. Man is really the one that lead the way and got us into eating ground turkey. We’d get in that kitchen and fiddle around with seasoning the ground turkey and once we got it down, we was hooked on ground turkey!

Not only is ground turkey cheaper than ground beef but it’s healthier for you.

We love ground turkey in spaghetti, tacos, burritos and chili.  You can always add a McCormick’s seasoning packet to the ground turkey for your spaghetti, tacos or chili to ensure your food taste right.

I only use the McCormick’s seasoning packets because we haven’t like the store brands or the other brands of seasoning packets and I stock up on the McCormick’s when they are on sale for like $0.59.

If you are wanting to stretch your dollar and get the biggest bang for your buck then make sure to stop by Vons or Albertsons EARLY Friday morning to stock up on the Jennie-O 85% Lean Ground Turkey 16 oz. because it will go fast!!!


Vons/Albertsons: New Digital Coupons!!!

$1 Bakery, $1 Yogurt, $1 O, $1 Produce

$0.50 Personalized Price for Bananas in Phoenix (85004)

$0.59 Personalized Price for Donuts in Phoenix (85004)

I tried zip 75217 but it was a no go for me in San Diego because no $1 off coupons showed up for me.


Nick left a comment “new digital coupons for O Organics chips and salsa” and Trish confirmed that she’d received a Personalized Price for O Organics chips so you used your $1 off O Organics to get them on the cheap!

I didn’t have O Organics chips digital coupon but I didn’t have a $1.50 off O Organics ground coffee which after the $1 off O Organics digital coupon will make the ground coffee $2.49.

Thanks, Nick & Trish!