My Quick Trips to CVS & Walgreens

I am so glad that I used a $3 Extra Bucks on the Fiji water deal since I looked over the CVS weekly ad for next week and for the first time, in the ten years that I have been shopping at CVS, they will not be offering the four day freebies starting the Sunday of Thanksgiving week.  It’s almost as if the three drugstores companies got together and decided against Black Friday deals.  Anyways, the bottled water was $1 each after Extra Bucks and rebates.

I did not see allot of the Kinder Joy eggs and maybe they had more in the back?  This super easy transaction that was free and money maker and a cute stock suffer.

What was very odd on Sunday is that both the Fiji water and the Kinder Joy eggs had blue UPC codes on the products and when I scanned products for the Checkout 51 nor Savingstar could read their UPC bar code.

I didn’t try scanning for Ibotta because by then I had gone to a UPC website and entered the product name “Fiji water 700ml” and bar code appears and I still needed to enlarge the page to get the UPC to scan.  Scanned beautifully for IB and CO51.

The Kinder Joy egg doesn’t have a full UPC number but the Walgreens receipt has the full UPC number which I entered into the UPC website and it came up immediately, I scanned for CO51 and S*, again no problem.

I am literally scanning the UPC code on the screen on the website.

I also use the UPC website when I want to see if a particular product is eligible for a rebate…this is of course for research purposes only.




My Quick Trips to Walgreens & CVS

For whatever reason, on Saturday, I had trouble getting to sleep so when I finally fell asleep, I didn’t wake up until almost 9 a.m.  I then tried figuring out a scenario for the Holiday Cash Card since I had a $8 off $60 CVS coupon but my coupon inserts from the Dollar Tree did not include the Smart Source…grrrrrrr.  My out of pocket would be too high for things I do not need so I end up getting the Thermacare heatwraps which was $7.29 so it ended up being a $2.71 Money Maker.

It was as if it was a full moon instead of a time change because the CVS that I visited, had a young male cashier who rang me up and he did not want to take my coupons and I forgot to look at his name tag so I could complain to management about him!  I had never seen him before so I assume he’s a new employee.  Of course, I snatched those coupons and my Extra Bucks out of his hands and told him to void my transaction, I went to another CVS had no problems with that store.

I then went to Walgreens for my cheap Dixie paper plates.  I want to say my out of pocket was like $0.29 (I don’t my receipt in hand and too lazy to go get it) after using the $1/2 Dixie products RMN 11/4 and $3 in points and I submitted my receipt for the $1 Savingstar rebate.  Walgreens has increased the price of the paper plates because they used to be $3.49 and now, the price is $3.99  but on BOGO FREE sale so they end up being $0.99 each.


My Trip to Walgreens

After I posted about Walgreens having the Ivory bar soap being $0.17 each, I zoomed over to Walgreens and they only had 3 on the shelf. I then looked the Walgreens app to see which store had quantities, you do a search for “Ivory soap” or whatever product that you trying to locate and then click “Find at a store” and inquiry will pull all the stores in your area that has it.  The next nearest store was like a couple miles away and they had four on the shelf, the $5 coupon and I was a happy camper.

I also picked up the Nice! Mega Roll Bath Tissue product 6 ct for $4 and I got back the $3 in points!  This was a targeted offer and I noticed when I looked at the qualifying item under the coupon that it now had which the items listed.


My Trip to CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Etc.

I was a busy bee but I have already posted the deals that you see in the picture.  I got the Persil at CVS, Irish Spring at Walgreens, Revlon lipsticks at Rite Aid, the Talenti at Albertsons and I forgot to add the La Victoria at Vons.


My Trips to Walgreens & Rite Aid

I got up pretty early, at 5 a.m., and I zoomed over to Walgreens keeping my fingers crossed that they had at least 11 boxes of the Puff tissues and they did!!!!!!  I was so happy that I could do the Puff tissue deal and use my Balance Rewards to pay and with my year-round allergies, this was an excellent deal for me.  Also, last week, Walgreens had sent me an email that 3630 of my Balance Rewards would expire on 09/01/18 so the Puffs deal worked out great.

I should have gone directly to Rite Aid afterwards but I was too lazy and when I finally decided to leave home, it was blazing hot and the humidity was about to kill me off! I got inside of Rite Aid and they are trying to save money by barely running their air conditioner.  I decided to do the Allegra deal (buy $30 get $10 BC) because I was down to a few and it should double-dip Wellness+ Allergy Rewards (buy $75 get $20 BC). However, I’m not seeing the tracking for the Wellness+ Allergy Rewards on my receipt and I’m hoping that was just a glitch on my receipt.  Just keep in mind that not all of the Allegra tabs count towards the weekly deal.

(1) Allegra 24 hr 45 ct $29.99
(1) Allegra 24 hr 30 ct $11.49 (BOGO50%)

= $41.48

Used -$29.19 in BC
Used (2) -$4 Allegra RMN 7/29
or $4 off Allegra Allergy 24HR 24ct or Larger or any Allegra-D Product coupon

Got Back $10 BC

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