My Trip to CVS, Target and Walgreens

Although, the picture above may not seem like much but I saved a ton on things that we ordinarily use on a daily basis.  Walgreens has the Dixie paper plates on BOGO FREE sale and after coupons and Savingstar rebate, they are only $.9o each! The BIC Velocity mechanical pencils were only $0.04 after coupon.

Target sells the Puffs facial tissues for $1.49 after $.25 coupon and the Savingstar and Checkout 51 rebates, the tissues were FREE.

One of my CVS cards, I have no Extra Bucks which also happens to be the card that I had I had not redeemed the Dial foam hand soap for the Savingstar rebate.  I wanted to see if the the $1/2 Dial foam hand soap digital coupon would come off on my receipt and it did.  So, after digital coupon, rebate and Extra Bucks, the hand soap were FREE!


Stacie’s Trip to Walgreens!!!

On Tuesday, I posted about the 5000+5000 Points When You Use a Visa Card at Walgreens deal (your offer may vary) and a reader, Stacie, went to Walgreens and had an awesome trip!!!

Here’s what Stacie has to say:

2-Kotex (one fitness, one big pack) buy one get one 50% off) (ibotta $5) (3000 pts when you spend $15).

1-Kleenex Viva $4.99 (electronic coupon took off $3, not $2!) ($2 ibotta)

1-Reynolds wrap $2.19

1-Axe spray 90% off at 72¢

Paid $22.78

Got back 16,000 points (3000 kotex, 8000 for visa and $15 purchase, plus I reached my $50 for beauty so got 5000)

Plus $7 back in ibotta!

Thanks, Stacie!


My Trip to Walgreens

On my way to work, this morning, I stopped by Walgreens to pick up the FREE Box of Sandwich Bros Sandwiches and I also got two diet Coke 20oz to use the B1G1 FREE Coke 20 oz digital coupon (I think the coupon expiration date was extended to 7/14).

The price of the sandwiches rang up for me for $3.99.

I actually used $5 in Balance Rewards points and I paid $.83 after points and the coupon.

I have submitted for the Mobsave rebate and I received payment of $3.99.

I loved rolling store rewards (Balance Rewards points) into cash!!! 🙂


My Trip to Walgreens

I stopped by Walgreens to check out the 90% off sale and to pick up the Raze Snack boxes.  I walked over to the seasonal aisle but there was nothing there but Easter stuff.  I walked to the back of the store where they usually keep the clearance items and there were three girls there that had the endcap surrounded but as I walked passed to see what was on the shelf…there was nada…just a bunch of junk.

I went over and grabbed the snack boxes and as I walked to the register, I saw the 90% off clearance items practically right next to the register.  There wasn’t a whole lot of stuff but I did pick up the cute little pig bank ($.99), the silver leaf tray ($.99) and silver zippered pouch ($.99).

I submitted for the $6 in rebates for snack boxes.


My Quick Trip to Walgreens (4/15)

1Wow, the Vaseline Men lotion was even higher then the online price at $4.79 but the lotion still ended up being FREE!!!  The scent of the men’s lotion is definitely more manly with a cologne fragrance.  This  lotion is definitely for the guys!

Vaseline Men Lotion 10 oz $4.79
Vaseline Men Lotion 10 oz $2.39

= $7.18

(2) – $2 off Vaseline Men Lotion RP 3/20

= $3.18

Got Back $2 in points

Submit for $2 Savingstar