My Quick Trip to Walgreens (5/2)

I have said many times, on this blog, that in San Diego, our Sunday coupon inserts are cannibalized and so what we end up with is only the bookbinding of the front and back pages of the inserts, all the other pages of the insert have been removed to sell on Facebook, Instagram and coupon websites.  It’s very frustrating that we can no longer buy the Sunday newspapers for the coupon inserts but I’ve been couponing for a long time and I am going to make a deal work without having the tools at my disposable.

I knew yesterday when I posted the FREE+MM BIC Razor & Colgate deal that it’s an awesome deal BUT I didn’t want to buy the toothpaste and FREE Butterfinger, CRUNCH, Baby Ruth, 100 Grand Bars at the Drugstores was DEAD, as well as, the Merci chocolates deal EXCEPT they brought back the FREE Merci chocolates offer and it was exactly what I needed to go back to Walgreens!

The chocolates was really a filler to used the Spend $20 get $5 Walgreens Cash Spend Booster.  A Spend Booster is just an incentive to get you to come into the store, you’ll find under the Coupons. Keep in mind, if you are going to use a Spend Booster, you must pay in cash UNLESS you are buying items over the booster threshold, you can use Walgreens Cash for anything over the threshold.  Below is my transaction:

2 Bic Razor: $13.58
2 Merci Chocolates: $8
1 CORE Bar: $2.99

Total: $24.57

-$4/1 Bic (Digital Coupon)

Pay $20.57 oop

Earn $5 Walgreens Cash for Booster
$5RR for Bic
$5.99 Ibotta
$9.24 CO51
$6.02 Swagbucks

Final Price: FREE + $10.68 MM!!!

It would have been a $14.68 Money Maker if I had the $4 off BIC SS 5/1 but I’m happy with a $10 MM. I bought the CORE bar for the Ibotta Midweek bonus.

EDIT: I submitted my receipt for the $2.99 Merci Chocolates on Ibotta and I was credited…so, a $13.67MM!!!


I think on Wednesday or Thursday, I stopped at Marshalls and I saw the Hallmark Mother’s Day pop-up cards and I almost bought one for my mom for Mother’s Day but something told me to wait and I am so very glad I waited because the Hallmark Gold Crown Spend $10 get 1,500 ($15) deal (no longer available)enabled me to get the card for FREE.  The Hallmark Mother’s Day pop-up card was $9.99 and I grabbed a $0.50 candy by the register and submitted my receipt to Swagbucks and I was credited instantly with $15.

I am going to Sacramento, at the end of this month, for my brother’s graduation and so I was able to get a Hallmark Graduation pop-up with a slot for a gift card ($7.99) and a birthday card for ($3.59) and I submitted my receipt to MyPoints and I was credited $15.30 instantly.

I stopped by Walgreens to grab the FREE Butterfinger, CRUNCH, Baby Ruth, 100 Grand Bars. I almost hesitated because the candy bars were not tagged for $0.99 but I went into the Walgreens app and searched “baby ruth” and it came up as $0.99 but I decided against the Baby Ruth and Swagbucks awarded me the $9 instantly!

Also, don’t forget to submit for the $0.25 Butterfinger bar Ibotta bar offer.😍

I love that we are starting the month of May right with Money Makers!!!!!!


My Quick Trip to Walgreens

This morning, I went to Walgreens for the Oral-B toothbrush Money Maker (NLA) and I grabbed two Dove body wash because I had a $7 off 2 Dove digital coupon and the Spend $22 get $5 Walgreens Cash.  My transaction was almost perfect because the digital coupons came off but the $5 Register Reward didn’t print and I didn’t realize it until I left store because I would have let the cashier know that it didn’t print.

A reader, Stacie, reminded me that I should have also gotten back $4 RR for the Dove so I’ll have to call them again (thanks, Stacie).

However, I called Walgreens Customer Service and they hooked me up by adding $5 Walgreens Cash to my account which is even better for me because I don’t have to deal with an expiring Register Rewards.  The transaction should have looked like below:


Buy 3 Oral-B toothbrushes $9
Buy 2 Dove body wash $14

= $23
– $6 digital coupon
– $7 digital coupon

= $10

Get Back $5 RR
Get Back $4 RR
Get Back $5 Spend Booster
Submit for (3) $2 Ibotta

Final Price: FREE + $10 MM


My Quick Trip to Walgreens

Yesterday, after posting about the 90% off Select Ice Creams at Walgreens, I zoomed over to Walgreens because we do love our ice creams at my house and I probably have not bought ice cream since October/November since we generally eat ice cream when the weather is warm.

I found the Ben & Jerry for $0.69, Toll House ice cream cookies $0.29 and the Magnum bars $0.39!!!

I wasn’t looking for hand sanitizers since I have a ton it already in my stockpile.


I wanted to do the $5 Mid Week Money Maker Ibotta Bonus Rebate which ends today (9/2) and the $14.04 Money Maker Compeed Advanced Blister Care at Rite Aid got me going because I had already done the $10.02 Money Maker NeoThotics Heel Cushions Money Maker and I had $30 Bonus Cash sitting in my Rite Aid account so I knew I wouldn’t have any out of pocket doing the Compeed deal.

CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Sprouts are all in my neighborhood but I did get on the freeway to go to Walmart and Dollar Tree.  The Crest rebates had reset for me but CVS didn’t have anymore Crest Brilliance so I got that at Walgreens and used my Balance Rewards to lessen my out of pocket.  My actual out of pocket was less than $5 because I used my PayPal debit card, Store Rewards and a Walmart gift card.

Sprouts $5.97
Dollar Tree $2
Rite Aid 21.96
Walgreens $10.98
CVS $11.96
Walmart $14.73

= $67.6

Sprouts – Got back $6 IB
Dollar Tree – Got back $1 IB
Rite Aid – Got back $16 BC and $20 IB
Walgreens – Got back $6 IB
CVS – Got Back $8 ECB and $12 IB
Walmart – Got Back $5 eGift Card and $8.10 IB
Earned $5 Bonus

After Store Rewards and Ibotta rebates everything was FREE + $6.40 Money Maker!!!

I REALLY screwed up at Walgreens because I should have waited until Wednesday to see if the Crest would reset again and bought a Brilliance and Detox or Whitening Therapy because only (1) $3 off coupon came off on my receipt. I made the fatal mistake of using Balance Rewards points on a Spend X get X so I didn’t get back the 5,000 points.  We all make mistakes and we cannot agonize over it, we have to just move onto the next deal!