My Trip to Walgreens

I stopped by Walgreens to check out the 90% off sale and to pick up the Raze Snack boxes.  I walked over to the seasonal aisle but there was nothing there but Easter stuff.  I walked to the back of the store where they usually keep the clearance items and there were three girls there that had the endcap surrounded but as I walked passed to see what was on the shelf…there was nada…just a bunch of junk.

I went over and grabbed the snack boxes and as I walked to the register, I saw the 90% off clearance items practically right next to the register.  There wasn’t a whole lot of stuff but I did pick up the cute little pig bank ($.99), the silver leaf tray ($.99) and silver zippered pouch ($.99).

I submitted for the $6 in rebates for snack boxes.


My Quick Trip to Walgreens (4/15)

1Wow, the Vaseline Men lotion was even higher then the online price at $4.79 but the lotion still ended up being FREE!!!  The scent of the men’s lotion is definitely more manly with a cologne fragrance.  This  lotion is definitely for the guys!

Vaseline Men Lotion 10 oz $4.79
Vaseline Men Lotion 10 oz $2.39

= $7.18

(2) – $2 off Vaseline Men Lotion RP 3/20

= $3.18

Got Back $2 in points

Submit for $2 Savingstar


My Trip to Rite Aid & Walgreens


I decided to do the Cinnamon Toast Crunch deal since finding good deals on cereal is rare these days.

I think I was like $25 or $30 away from a $15 Big Points Event, I decided to get the Flonase which rung up at $22.99, 2 Suave body wash, Wet n Wild mascara and eyeshadow all of which counted towards the BPE.

I did receive a $15 BPE in points plus, I will get back $8 for the Flonase and $.25 from Savingstar and $2 Flonase from Ibotta!


My Quick Trip to Walgreens (1/14)


Yesterday evening, I stopped by Walgreens for Kellogg’s Special K Crisps since they are darn there FREE.  I received 15,160 in points ($15) and I bought nothing else but the crisps!

I also submitted for the $1/2 Special K Bars products Savingstar rebate!

The Crisps are only 100 calories a packet for those of us that are trying to loose some weight.

As you can see that I have tried them out and they taste pretty good!



1On Sunday, all of the stars aligned for me because I found absolutely everything that I wanted at Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens.

The first store I hit was Rite Aid, I knew my regular store did not have the $14.99 Conair Hair Cutting Kit because I had stopped in there on Saturday since Vons is right across and I was getting the cheap Gatorade.  So, I went to the super friendly Rite Aid store and they three of the hair cutting kits on the shelf. I grabbed those and off I went to the register, I paid $3.72 and I got the Gas Card gift card rewards code on my receipt!

My second stop was Walgreens which happens to be across the street from Rite Aid.  I found two of the Glade Automatic Spray Kits found at two different stores and tagged for $9.99.  I did two separate transactions and I got two $5 Register Rewards.  I submitted for (2) $2 Checkout 51 rebates and the $5/$30 SC Johnsons Home Cleaning Savingstar rebate and I have completed the Savingstar rebate!

My final stop was CVS where I got two new Revlon lipsticks, a Physicians Formula mascara, Jiffy Muffin Mix and the FREE Tostitos Dip.  I used $16 in Extra Bucks and I got back $15 Extra Bucks plus $.99 in Savingstar for the Jiffy.

It’s very rare for me to hit all three drugstore in one day but I had fun!


My Quick Trip to Walgreens 7/27

1The Liquid Coffee Mate Creamer in the French Vanilla in my fav.  My first stop was Walgreen to get the creamer for just $1 each!!!

Here are my gets at Walgreens:

Bought 2 Coffee Mate Creamer $4
Used (2) -$1 Coffee Mate Creamer Printable

Total after coupons used = $2

Notes: There were only two in the refrigerator so YAY for me!


My Quick Trip to Walgreens 6/1

1aI specifically went into Walgreens to get the FREE Bisquick.

Here are my gets at Walgreens

Bought 2 Bisquicks $3
Used (2) -$1 Bisquick Printable

Total after coupons used = $1

Balance Points Earned = 1,000 pts ($1)