My Quick Trip to Walgreens

Yesterday, after posting about the 90% off Select Ice Creams at Walgreens, I zoomed over to Walgreens because we do love our ice creams at my house and I probably have not bought ice cream since October/November since we generally eat ice cream when the weather is warm.

I found the Ben & Jerry for $0.69, Toll House ice cream cookies $0.29 and the Magnum bars $0.39!!!

I wasn’t looking for hand sanitizers since I have a ton it already in my stockpile.


I wanted to do the $5 Mid Week Money Maker Ibotta Bonus Rebate which ends today (9/2) and the $14.04 Money Maker Compeed Advanced Blister Care at Rite Aid got me going because I had already done the $10.02 Money Maker NeoThotics Heel Cushions Money Maker and I had $30 Bonus Cash sitting in my Rite Aid account so I knew I wouldn’t have any out of pocket doing the Compeed deal.

CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Sprouts are all in my neighborhood but I did get on the freeway to go to Walmart and Dollar Tree.  The Crest rebates had reset for me but CVS didn’t have anymore Crest Brilliance so I got that at Walgreens and used my Balance Rewards to lessen my out of pocket.  My actual out of pocket was less than $5 because I used my PayPal debit card, Store Rewards and a Walmart gift card.

Sprouts $5.97
Dollar Tree $2
Rite Aid 21.96
Walgreens $10.98
CVS $11.96
Walmart $14.73

= $67.6

Sprouts – Got back $6 IB
Dollar Tree – Got back $1 IB
Rite Aid – Got back $16 BC and $20 IB
Walgreens – Got back $6 IB
CVS – Got Back $8 ECB and $12 IB
Walmart – Got Back $5 eGift Card and $8.10 IB
Earned $5 Bonus

After Store Rewards and Ibotta rebates everything was FREE + $6.40 Money Maker!!!

I REALLY screwed up at Walgreens because I should have waited until Wednesday to see if the Crest would reset again and bought a Brilliance and Detox or Whitening Therapy because only (1) $3 off coupon came off on my receipt. I made the fatal mistake of using Balance Rewards points on a Spend X get X so I didn’t get back the 5,000 points.  We all make mistakes and we cannot agonize over it, we have to just move onto the next deal!



My Quick Trip to Walgreens

I found some frozen foods at Walgreens for 90% off!!!  However, I didn’t find the $1.69 Clearance Kleenex Bundle Packs at my Walgreens.


My intent on Sunday was to go to Walgreens to get a Scott paper towels and a Scott bath tissues for my stockpile but then I saw the video about the FREE Axe S & C, Body Wash and Body Spray and so I had to find a store that had the Axe products AND the Scott products because I didn’t want to be running from store to store.

I looked at the Shopkicks app and my nearest store did not have the Axe offer at all. Click the store address and it will show you a list of stores.

For whatever reason, my instincts told me to check the other surrounding Walgreens stores to see if they have the offer.  Shopkicks always have my nearest store at the 43rd Street Walgreens but actually the 3222 University is my nearest store, I have actually walk to that store. The store on 43rd Street is actually on University, too, but it’s a combination of apartments on top and stores on the bottom so I assume that their mailbox is on 43rd St but as you see, I have a lot of Walgreens stores within 5 miles of me and it’s not even showing the Walgreens stores downtown.

Anyways, at the bottom, click “See more stores”.

Then click another store to see if you find the Axe offer.

What I found is that two stores did not have the Axe Shopkicks offer but the rest of the stores did have the offer.

So, in the future, when I don’t see an Shopkicks offer at a particular store, I can search other store locations for the offer!



My Quick Trip to Walgreens

A reader, Stacie, let us know about the FREE Gillette Razors 12 ct at Walgreens and I used my second account to the following deal:

Gillette Razors 12 ct $7.99
(2) Dixie Paper Plates $3.99 (on BOGO Sale)
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal $1.99

= $13.97

-$5 off $12 Digital Coupon (NLA)
-$5 off Gillette or Venus or Daisy disposable 6-ct+, excl TREO, Gillette Black, PermaSharp and trial, limit 2, PG 07/05 (exp 7/25)
-$1/2 Dixie Cups, Plates, or Bowls digital coupon
-$0.75 off General Mills cereal

= $2.22

Got Back $3 RR

Submitted for P & G Everyday for 50 points
Submitted for $15 Visa Gift Card wyb $50 or $5 rebate wyb $20 in Head & Shoulders, Gillette, Venus, Old Spice, Secret, Olay, Always, Tampax, Oral-B, Downy, Gain, Tide, Bounce, Pampers or Crest, Online REBATE