My Quick Trip to Walgreens

For whatever reason, my back and my allergies are bothering me but I’m using the FREE CVS Health Casaicin Heat Patch on my back.

Anyways, this morning, I realized that I needed two more rebates to finish the $5 Weekly Essentials Bonus Ibotta and I had forgotten to scan a receipt for a Coke 20 oz that I had gotten at Walmart so that was one rebate down.

Then I remembered the Walgreens $5 off $12 digital coupon. On one of my Walgreens accounts, I have a lot of points so spending $5 in points and getting back $3 rebate is fine by me and everything that I bought is what I wanted including that hair mask!

(2) Dixie paper plates $4.19 (on BOGO sale)
BIC Flex 5 razor $6.99
Cupcake moisturizing hair mask $2.99

= $14.17

-$5 off $12 digital coupon (NLA)
-$1/2 Dixie Cups, Plates, or Bowls digital coupon
-$3 BIC disposable razors
-$5 in points

= $0.18

Got Back $3 BIC razor Ibotta rebate


My Trip to Walgreens

Two of my favorite drugstore body washes is the Olay and Dove and I’m getting kind of low on women’s body wash.

I went to Walgreens to get the Olay body wash which is this week, buy 4 Secret, Old Spice or Olay products get 10,000 points and there’s a Spend $25 on Beauty get 7,000 points digital coupon which coincides with the Walgreens Beauty Event 7/9 to 7/11.

I had a $5 off 4 Secret, Old Spice AND/OR Olay Select Varieties digital coupon but check your account because you may have a better targeted coupon than I.

I also had a Spend $20 get 5,000 points digital coupon that stacked with the Spend $25 on Beauty get 7,000 points digital coupon.

Also, if your store has the Olay body 30 oz, it’s the biggest bang for your buck. My store only had one so I grabbed three of the newer Olay body washes.

Here’s how my receipt looked:

4 Olay body wash $27.96
-$5 off 4 Secret, Old Spice AND/OR Olay Select Varieties digital coupon


Got Back 27,000 + 270 Everyday points – 10,000 Olay bw, 5,000 wys $20, 7,000 wys $25 and I hit Beauty and received 5,000 for the Walgreens Beauty Club.

*Earned a $5 Visa gift card

Don’t forget to submit for the $15 Visa Gift Card wyb $50 or $5 rebate wyb $20 in Head & Shoulders, Gillette, Venus, Old Spice, Secret, Olay, Always, Tampax, Oral-B, Downy, Gain, Tide, Bounce or Crest, Online Rebate. Valid July 5th, 2020 to August 31st, 2020.


Just as a heads up, the Rohto eye drops that I wrote about in my Digital Coupons, Dixie Plates & Rohto Eye Drops the rebate has reset and now, the rebate is set to expire in 5  to 6 days depending on which eye drops you can get but keep checking the app because they can alway accelerate the expiration date.

Also, check on to find the nearest store that has the eye drops to save yourself some time.

I did the deal again (on another card) with a little different outcome, I also once again forgot the darn Spend $30 get 7,000 points. 🙁

Buy 2 Rohto Dry-Aid Advanced Dry Eye Treatment $27.98
Buy 2 Rohto Max Strength Eye Drops $17.58

= $45.56

-$7 off $25
-$7 off Rohto
-$3 off Rohto
-$16 off Rohto (from the $4 coupon from the Walgreens booklet)

= $12.56

Submit for $7 and $11 Ibotta rebates

Final Price: FREE + $5.44 Money Maker

*This would have been a $10.44 Money Maker but the $5 off Dry Eye Treatment coupon didn’t come off on my receipt.


My Trip to Walgreens

Yesterday, about 7:30 pm, I ran over to Walgreens to pick up the four Old Spice body wash and a flatiron heat protectant spray because they counted for the Thursday and Friday Beauty Event.

I had a $8/4 Old Spice body wash digital coupon (a targeted offer) and the Spend $25 get 7,000 ($7) and other targeted offers that made me realize that I’d better run to Walgreens to get these freebies. I paid cash because I swear I cannot remember if I can use my Register Rewards on the spend $25 get 7,000 points but the good thing is there is a $15 Visa Gift Card wyb $50 or $5 rebate wyb $20 in Head & Shoulders, Gillette, Venus, Old Spice, Secret, Olay, Always, Tampax, Oral-B, Downy, Gain, Tide, Bounce or Crest, Online REBATE

The Old Spice body wash is 2/$12 get $4 RR and $2.50 RR plus there’s the $1.25 Old Spice Body Wash or Bar Soap, limit 5, Ibotta rebate offer.

I think the flatiron spray was like $3.92 but I’m too lazy to get up and look at the receipt. I paid like $27.92 and I got back $34.14:

✅  22,640 BR Points ($22, 64)

✅ $6.50 in Register Rewards

✅ $5 in Ibotta rebates

I literally struggle in my mind should I do the deal or not and that’s why I waited until almost the last moment to do the Beauty Event even though I literally had THREE spend X get back X point booster incentives because I hate being bogged down with stuff. However, I am also very aware that we are not done with the pandemic and so it’s okay to have extra body wash in my stockpile.


My Quick Trip Walgreens

I went specifically to Walgreens for the Viva paper towels on sale for $3.99 each and the Dixie paper plates ($3.99) and I got the Dixie cups ($3.99) as a filler item to reach the $10 for the Spend $10 on 3 get trips get 5,000 points.

We use these products so I had no problem buying these products.  Remember that you cannot use Balance Rewards points on a Spend Offer and get back points.