My Trip to CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Etc.

I was a busy bee but I have already posted the deals that you see in the picture.  I got the Persil at CVS, Irish Spring at Walgreens, Revlon lipsticks at Rite Aid, the Talenti at Albertsons and I forgot to add the La Victoria at Vons.


My Trips to Walgreens & Rite Aid

I got up pretty early, at 5 a.m., and I zoomed over to Walgreens keeping my fingers crossed that they had at least 11 boxes of the Puff tissues and they did!!!!!!  I was so happy that I could do the Puff tissue deal and use my Balance Rewards to pay and with my year-round allergies, this was an excellent deal for me.  Also, last week, Walgreens had sent me an email that 3630 of my Balance Rewards would expire on 09/01/18 so the Puffs deal worked out great.

I should have gone directly to Rite Aid afterwards but I was too lazy and when I finally decided to leave home, it was blazing hot and the humidity was about to kill me off! I got inside of Rite Aid and they are trying to save money by barely running their air conditioner.  I decided to do the Allegra deal (buy $30 get $10 BC) because I was down to a few and it should double-dip Wellness+ Allergy Rewards (buy $75 get $20 BC). However, I’m not seeing the tracking for the Wellness+ Allergy Rewards on my receipt and I’m hoping that was just a glitch on my receipt.  Just keep in mind that not all of the Allegra tabs count towards the weekly deal.

(1) Allegra 24 hr 45 ct $29.99
(1) Allegra 24 hr 30 ct $11.49 (BOGO50%)

= $41.48

Used -$29.19 in BC
Used (2) -$4 Allegra RMN 7/29
or $4 off Allegra Allergy 24HR 24ct or Larger or any Allegra-D Product coupon

Got Back $10 BC

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My Quick Trip to Walmart & Walgreens

Yesterday, I posted about the FREE Dole pineapple juice and FREE Excedrin at Walmart and the $0.75 Dixie paper plates at Walgreens.  Walgreens has raised the prices for the Dixie paper plates because they are now $3.59 at my store but the regular price of the Dixie paper plates are still cheaper than Rite Aid when they have them on BOGO Free sale.

Also, I noticed that the designer style Dixie paper plates 10 1/2″ had only a 20 count, whereas, the regular Dixie paper plates 10 1/2″ had 26 count and they were the same price.

For the plates and the Excedrin, I did two separate transactions for two different accounts.  I love rolling my store rewards into cash! 🙂


The first store I went to on Sunday was Target since the Aleve was only $0.19 there (the cheap deal ended at Target on Sunday).

I then went to Rite Aid for the Persil and the Splenda but someone wiped out the Splenda. 🙁

My final stop was Walgreens where I picked another Persil and I some how completely forgot to get the freebie Old El Paso. 🙁

I’m glad to find out that people actually read my Plotting and Planning posts on Saturdays because the Bounty Essentials rebate had reset for me and of course there was no more 1 count paper towels to be had at Target.

I didn’t get around to going to CVS because it just got too darn hot even with my air conditioner running in the car.  I will go to CVS probably on Saturday.



My Trip to Walgreens & Walmart

Every time Walgreens has the BOGO FREE sale on the Dixie plates and there’s a $1/2 Dixie plates Savingstar rebate, I always go to Walgreens because when Rite Aid has the BOGO Dixie sale the regular price is like a dollar higher. I did the paper plates on two separate transactions.

I had almost forgotten about the Money Maker Nice! Paper Towel deal but I knew that since the $3.99 paper towels sale was not in our San Diego that I needed to do the deal first before posting about it.

(2) Dixie paper plates $3.59 (BOGO)
(1) Nice! paper towels $3.99

= $7.58

-$1/2 Dixie RMN 5/13
-$5 in Balance Rewards points

= $1.58

Got Back $5 in Balance Rewards Points
Earned $1 S*

Final Price $0.53 each.

I then ran over to Walmart to get the FREE McCormick’s Grill Mate Marinades.

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