My Trip to Walgreens

I went to Walgreens and grabbed the Paper Mate pens (4) at $3.49 and (4) at $3.99. I paid $14.96 and I got back 17,260 ($17.26).  Read my post, FREE Pens, Markers & Mechanical Pencils.

Yes, you can use can use points or RR’s to pay.


My Quick Trip to Walgreens

Since I had the BOGO Revlon coupon and I had a spend $20 get 5,000 points offer, I bought a $12.79 Revlon lip and a $8.99 Revlon lip.  The BOGO Revlon coupon took off the $12.79 automatically which left $8.99 out of pocket.

I then totally forgot what store I was at and I used 10,000 ($10) Balance Rewards points to reduce my actual out of pocket and I paid $0.62. I got back a $10 RR, a $5 off Revlon/Almay coupon and another spend $20 get 5,000 points coupon.

I had forgotten the Walgreens Points Rules – If the offer is spend X get back X points, you cannot use points to pay if you want to get points back.  However, if the offer is Buy X(1, 2, 3, etc) get back X points, you can use points.

Thankfully,  I happened to get my 5,000 in Beauty Club points with this transaction!  This means that I still have the spend $20 get 5,000 points offer so I can do the deal again the right way.  What’s even more insane is that I received $200+ in Visa gift cards, $50 Ross gift card and a $50 Chik-Fila for Christmas, I wouldn’t have any out of pocket.

I will do once more to get the other 5,000 points without spending points and using the Visa gift card.


My Trip to Walgreens

I went into a Walgreens that I rarely visit but because my brother had sent a gift blindly to an Amazon locker not in my area but it was just 10 minutes away at a Chevron gas station. Believe it or not, the Amazon lockers within my zip code including at the Rite Aids and 7-Elevens were filled to capacity and he couldn’t reach anyone so he just pushed the button to deliver. Last year, he also had stolen package issues with our Christmas gifts so he wanted us to pick up the gifts at the lockers.

Anyways, this store is set up a bit differently then the other Walgreens in that the deodorant is in the hair care aisle but imagine my surprise when I saw that they had three Secret dry spray on clearance for $3.49 each and I found only one Old Spice Sweat Defense deodorant spray on the shelf but it wasn’t on clearance.

The Secret did ring up at $3.49 and on BOGO50% as you can see pictured above and the $6 off 4 digital coupon did come off on my receipt.

I used 5,000 in points and I did get back 4,000 ($4) points and I submitted for the (3) $2 Secret IB rebate and (1) $2 Old Spice IB rebate.

This was a $1.04 Money Maker for me.  Read my earlier post Secret & Old Spice Deodorant Only $0.24!!!



My Trip to Walgreens

I will be in Sacramento for Thanksgiving and my youngest brother used to love when I’d send him the FREE Gillette razors that we used to get all the time at all three drugstores. I didn’t imagine that I’d be doing the Gillette Razor + Refills on the Cheap but I had the $10/2 Gillette digital coupon and the $5/2 Gillette digital coupon plus, I had the spend $15 get 3,000 points.

I decided to throw in the Crest toothpaste has it counts towards the $15/$50 P&G Savingstar rebate.

Everything went exactly as expected – I received all of my points, however, a new funky lady assistant manager (she looked like a man) put my receipt and what I thought was my $5 RR into my bag but I did hear something else print from the catalina machine and she promptly put that into the trash and told me to have a nice day.

I ran another errand and by the time I got home and I looked into the bag, she had put the spend $20 get 5,000 points into my bag.  Acccckkkkkkkkk.  There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

I went to Catalina website and submitted an online form requesting my $5 Register Rewards.  It took like 5 minutes.  They call the Register Rewards/catalina a coupon so don’t be thrown off by the verbiage.

I specifically wanted to tell this missing Register Rewards/catalina story for new readers or readers that don’t know that you can request to have a missing catalina or Register Rewards mailed to your home. They send you the missing catalina very quickly.

I’m still very happy with my trip to Walgreens! 🙂


A reader, Charles, let me know that I had bought the wrong product for the Dr. Scholl’s insert/insoles.

I go back to look at the SwagBucks offer:

Dr. Scholl’s

Shoe inserts and insoles that help you move more comfortably and confidently.
Buy 2 sets of insoles at Walmart and earn 1,000 SB!*


  • Any Variety
  • Cannot use this offer with any print or in-app coupon or rebate
  • Expires 11/03/2019

In contracting law, you cannot say “any” and then have stipulations under Fine Print.

If you have ever bought a car, house, rented an apartment, you won’t see the word any because there are stipulations that you must adhere to contractually.

More than likely someone watched the same 8 Awesome Walmart Deals as I and contacted SwagBucks/MyPoints to report the Money Maker because unhappy people can stand to see someone else shine.

SwagBucks/MyPoints quickly added the Fine Print and 20 specific products that’s valid for the rebate.

I am not mad at Charles and I thank him for leaving the comment.

But haters will cut off their nose to spite their face so that we all loose out on a Money Maker.  The webmasters at SwagBucks/MyPoints are quick to make changes when it comes to these In-Store deal offers.

I bought the $2.94 insoles, this afternoon, and I will be returning them back to Walmart. No harm, no foul.