My Trip to Walgreens

Since I had a $4 off $20 Walgreens coupon and there’s a Free Garnier Olia Haircolor Product (up to $10.99) rebate at Walgreens, I decided to purchase the Money Maker Crest toothpaste as a filler item because I had a $8 off 4 Crest/Oral-B digital coupon. I also needed the storage bags and they are on sale, this week Buy 1 Get 2 FREEE.

(3) NICE storage bags $2.79
(4) Crest toothpaste $11.96
(1) Garnier Olia hair color $10.79

= $25.54

-$2 off Garnier Olia Hair Color, August Walgreens booklet (exp 8/31)
-$4 off $20 Walgreens coupon
-$8 off $ Crest/Oral-B digital coupon
-$10 in Balance Rewards points

= $1.54 + tax

Got Back $7 RR
Earned $10.99 Visa eGift card


Stacie’s Trip to Walgreens!!!

Yesterday, I asked everyone to Check Your Walgreens Account because there are a bunch of new targeted offers and Stacie left a comment about her awesome trip to Walgreens!!!

This was perfect timing. I was off today and saw the coupons this morning. The L’oreal lip was a great deal and the Lipton Tea House collection if you received the Load to Cards..

2- L’oreal lip at $9.99 each (used 4.00/1 L2C)
2- Lipton Teas 2/4.00 (used 1.00/2 L2C)

Received 6000 points wyb 2 Loreal Lip
Received 3000 points when you buy 2 Lipton teas
Received 3000 points when you spend $15
Received $5 Register Reward for L’oreal lip by spending $15
Received $2 Ibotta for Loreal lip

Great day today!

Thanks, Stacie!


My Trip to Walgreens & CVS

Even though Sunday was Mother’s Day, I had $5 Register Rewards that was due to expire and a $3 Beauty Bucks so I went to a Walgreens that was practically right next to CVS to save time.

I did check to see if this particular Walgreens had the Secret Freshies or the Secret on-the-go deodorant but it was a no go. I decided to walk around the store and I saw that the $3.99 Dixie paper plates are on BOGO FREE sale which was perfect as I also had a $2 RR from buying something else previously.  I bought 4 Dixie paper plates $7.98 and use $7 in Register Rewards, I paid $0.98 plus tax!  The $1/2 Dixie products digital coupon didn’t come off and that probably because I used two Register Rewards and there wasn’t an open slot for the manufacturer coupon.

I posted the Kleenex deal on Saturday, I had $4 Extra Bucks from my other card so my out of pocket was $2.98 plus tax and I got back $5 Extra Bucks!



We have three things that we absolutely need to survive – food, clothing and shelter.  We know that shelter takes a big chunk out of our budget but we don’t really think about how food also depletes our weekly budget.  When I post deals, I come from a place where I used live paycheck-to-paycheck and I had to have a food budget, gasoline budget, etc. just to survive…and I know that there is someone out there that is reading my posts that is in the same boat trying to survive because you make too much money to get food stamps but you don’t make enough money to get ahead.

Ralphs has the Fishpeople Flash-Frozen Seafood Kits are on sale for $7.99 each and there’s a B1G1 FREE Fishpeople Flash-Frozen Seafood Kit digital coupon and you can get the Fishpeople seafood kits for absolutely FREE when you read my post and the comments.  I also picked up the FREE RXBAR Single at Ralphs and Kroger stores.

I had already picked up the Fig Newtons at Walmarts for the $0.75 CO51 rebates and so I picked up the Oreo cookies for the $0.75 Multipack CO51 rebates.  Rite Aid has the Nabisco single serve snacks are on sale for 2/$1.

Walgreens, I stopped by Walgreens for the BIC Silky Touch deal, however, the $3 digital coupon did come off but the $2 digital coupon did not come off on my receipt so it was still a Money Maker.

I went to Walmart to get the Nissan Cup Noodles Very Veggie as my son really likes the cup of noodles and after the Ibotta rebates, you get 5 cups for free + Money Maker.

I love the picture above because you can literally make a meal from the fish and cup of noodles and enjoy a snack.




My Trip to Walgreens

The Herbal Essences deal was super simple and stress free to do.  I loaded the digital coupon to my card, drove to Walgreens, I bought the products and I submitted my receipt to Ibotta for rebate redemption.  I love these simple deals.

The Ibotta rebate is NLA.