Check the Walgreens App for Targeted Offer!!!

Go into the Walgreens app and click coupons, I found an offer for 3,000 pts on Nice! Mega Roll Bath Tissue product 6 ct digital coupon and starting next week (9/23), Walgreens will have the Nice! Bath Tissue, 6 mega rolls Smile Save: Paper Towels, 8 rolls • Bath Tissue, 12 rolls on sale for $4 which means that the toilet paper will only be $1!!!

This targeted offer will vary by account and so, your targeted offer may be different.


  • Nick September 23, 2018, 16:29

    The 3000 point reward is NOT being generated by the product on sale for $4. It is only issued through buying the bath tissue shown in the photo which is NOT on sale and priced at over $6 (close to $7 with tax). Got a refund.

    • Ms. B. September 24, 2018, 07:48

      Nick, in the Walgreens app, I clicked on the coupon and then clicked “see qualifying products” and they do not have any products linked to the coupon. BUT the toilet paper should be on sale for $4 as that is what is advertised in our ad. I’m going to buy the toilet paper today and if I don’t get the points, I’ll just call Customer Service because are good at adding missing points.

      • Nick September 24, 2018, 13:53

        Thank you. I just spoke to Walgreens customer service who could “see” my purchase (and return) and said that I had indeed made a valid purchase. She suggested going back to repurchase the item. And if the points don’t show up on the receipt simply call back and they will manually add them. Hopefully the system glitch is fixed now so everyone with the offer can receive their 3,000 points!

        • Ms. B. September 24, 2018, 14:19

          Nick, Walgreens customer service is great especially if you are missing points on a purchase! 🙂