Check to See if you Still have your RCB

Check your Ralphs account to see if you still have your Sweet Baby Ray hot sauce RCB offer.  A reader, Nick, says the following:

1) My store cashback offer DISAPPEARED. I went back to look and there was only 50 cents for 2 bottles of their barbecue sauce. The $1 hot sauce bottle had vanished from my added offers (I activated it). Yours may still be there, but apparently they are pulling some.

Thanks, Nick!


  • Mel January 24, 2020, 12:55

    Mine is still showing up in my added offers, but I took a screenshot just in case!

    • Nick January 24, 2020, 17:50

      Life has a way of balancing things out. That offer is still gone. But now a 2nd identical Little Remedies offer appeared today ($1.60, limit 2), making it a nice moneymaker. Just bought two, Ibotta paid instantly and both cash backs are hopefully on the way!

      • Nick January 24, 2020, 17:51

        Mistyped, it’s $1.50

      • Ms. B. January 24, 2020, 21:32

        Nick, thanks for letting us know about the 2nd $1.50 Little Rememdies RCB! 🙂

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