ConAgra Foods Mail in Rebate…

It’s rare that you see a “food” mail in rebate.  Kraft normally does a rebate a couple times a year but it’s just not too often that a food company offers rebates!

Go HERE to get the ConAgra Mail in Rebate form.

ConAgra Foods include:

Kid Cuisine
Slim Jim
Peter Pan Peanut Butter
Hunts Manwich
Snack Pack Pudding
Crunch N Munch

Mail-in Offer: Simply purchase $10 in participating brands, mail in your receipt(s), and we’ll send you $25 in valuable coupons.

Offer valid for receipts dated between 7/7/10-10/13/10. May be more than one receipt from more than one Supercenter. Offer limited to one rebate request per household or address and valid only for the person who purchased the product. Actual certificate and copy of receipt must accompany request. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery. Offer
good only in the U.S. Submission must be postmarked by 10/24/10. ConAgra Foods will not share your personal information with others.