Coors Lite Mail in Rebate…

Update:  I wanted to update this post to reflect that I live in Calif and the purchase of beer is a requirement for the Coor Light MIR…if you live in  Calif.

Go HERE to print 4 different Coors Light Mail in Rebates.

I’m a little sadden that I won’t be participating in the Coors Light MIR but I don’t drink beer and I’m not buying beer for someone else.  BUT it’s a good rebate if you or your family members drink beer.  Oh, I forgot to say the $10 and the $15 rebates are only eligibles to Californians, as well as, other states that has a reqirement to buy beer, too.

Anyways, this week at CVS, there is a Pepsi products Extra Bucks deal – Buy $20 of Pepsi Products get $10 EB.  Pepsi products includes Pepsi, Tostitos Chips, Tostitos Dips, condiments, paper plates, cups, etc.

If you use the $5/$20 your transaction will look like this:

$20 Pepsi Products, cups, plate, chips and dip
= $15 in EBs or cash

Earn = $10 EB

So, $5 for $20 worth items for Game Day!!!!!!!!


  • Trucker Mom January 17, 2010, 19:01

    Page 2 and 4 of the rebate are no beer purchase required if you live in the states listed. I did the get $7.50 wyb $20 at walgreens and received a $10 RR, used a couple of coupons so after all of that my purchase is FREE!

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins January 17, 2010, 19:09

    Hi Trucker Mom! My brother is a trucker!!! I'm in Calif and the beer purchase is required. But I'm definitely doing the Pepsi deal so I can get my $10 Extra Bucks!!!

    I'll update that post to reflect the fact that the beer purchase is required in Calif.