Coupon Lingo

When you first start out couponing, one of the first things that you notice is all these new acronyms that you have no clue what they mean. I have been couponing since 2008 and I still come across acronyms that I do not know what they mean.

You can always do a google search and there will definition of what the letter mean.

The picture above are just a few of the coupon lingo (language) and I realize as I was writing this post that I left out the rebate app acroynms.

S* – Savingstar
IB – Ibotta
CK51 – Checkout 51
CO51 – Checkout 51

When I am writing a post, I typically spell everything out as I know that there is always someone new to couponing and make it easier for us all to follow along on our money saving journey!