CVS: 20% off $40 Coupon 不

Today, I received an email from CVS with a 20% off $40 coupon. I prefer to do smaller transactions and I most like will not be using this coupon.

Before January of this year, I had not received Thursday coupons from CVS in like two or three years so it’s no big loss for me not to use the coupon.

For new couponers, any CVS coupons that you receive via email, mailbox, receipt or from the Coupon Center are card specific and you cannot share your coupons with someone else and the cashier will not be able process the coupon with a different card.


  • Elena February 7, 2019, 22:20

    I want to share that from my experience coupons loaded onto account apply differently in store and online. For example, I had $3/15 , $4/10 , 40% , $2 manuf. coupon and all of them worked online bringing the total from $14.99 to about $3.60. I went to the store with confidence , hoping for a quick trip , but the total was about $10 because $3/15 did not work and 40% too. The cashier just did not to go against computer and told that and store are different things. So frustrating to shop!
    Also, I received 50% off one item, $5 max discount coupon which worked in full on any item online ( like $30 off from $60 item) and gave only $5 off in store.
    Also, I discovered that % off coupons work not only after all CVS discounts were applied but after manufacturer coupons also. I think it is cheating because they game me $1.5 for $3 which they will get from manufacturer. Here is the math. The $10 item with 50% costs $5 and with 50% and $3 manuf. coupon costs (10-3) -50%= 3.5 . As I understand, manuf. coupon is a way of payment and should not influence the price which the store offers to me. If only CVS knew that we will get cash back from ibotta or similar, they would love to deduct that ones too.

    • Ms. B. February 8, 2019, 07:58

      Yes, the CVS coupons can apply differently in store versus online. The most likely reason for the different experiencing is that CVS probably has three different software teams that manages the online store, the CVS app and there’s a software programmers just for the registers. Currently, the % off coupon (in store) really only works, if you use no other CVS coupon, i.e., Extra Bucks, email coupons, coupons from the Coupon Center, etc. Last week, I saw an old lady at CVS loose her entire mind about her 25% not working as described and she had done the mathematics on how much transaction should be. The cashier finally called the manager and the cashier re-rang the lady’s things and magically, the register was in align with the old lady’s calculations.