This year, if you have been plagued by itchy eyes like I have due allergy symptoms, I highly recommend you get the Zaditor because it stops the itchy eyes but it is pricey when it’s not on sale.  The CVS ad for next week shows that Systane or Zaditor eye relief will be on sale for $11.99 get $2 Extra Bucks (limit 1) and  the ad also shows that there will be a $5 coupon coming in the newspapers.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the $5 coupon is for The Zaditor because I can vouch for the Zaditor.  I have used the Systane when I had my eye surgery several years ago and I was only using the Systane too keep my eyes from getting dry but it is another expense eye relief product and I didn’t use Systane for itchy allergy eyes.

Years ago, the ophthalmologist told me not to use the Visine because he said it was like putting water in your eyes and I have not bought the product since.

The $4.99 price after coupon and Extra Bucks is an excellent price considering that both products are regularly like $16 to $18.