CVS Advisor Panel Survey…$15 Extra Bucks

I got a $15 Extra Bucks today just by taking a survey.

The CVS Advisor Panel sent me an email to take a survey and earn $15 Extra Bucks!  I took the survey and at the end of the survey, I got a prompt to print the $15 EB!!!!!!!!!  The EB is good until 10/26/09. 

That’s the easiest $15 EB that I have ever earned…right from my home.

Here’s what the email said:

Dear Ms. Benjamins,

Today we invite you to see if you qualify to take part in a survey about some services that CVS might introduce to make the shopping experience easier. To see if you qualify to participate in our survey please click on the link below to begin. If you qualify and complete the entire survey, you will receive a coupon for $15.00 at the conclusion of the survey. You will be able to print the coupon as soon as you complete the study.

Please Note: If you’re not hooked up to a working printer at the time of completion you will receive an email with a link to print the coupon at a later date and time.

Please click on the link below to begin.