CVS Black Friday Preview

Ooooooh, CVS will have lots and lots of deals on Black Friday…how exciting!

Get $0.99 EB wyb Excedrin Bonus Back Extra Strength 8 ct. + PM 8 ct. $0.99 – Limit 1

Get $0.99 EB wyb Advil PM 4 ct. $0.99 – Limit 1

Get $0.99 EB wyb Select Hershey’s King Size 2.1-2.86 oz $0.99 – Limit 2

Get $4.99 EB wyb Cepacol Lozenges 16 ct. $4.99 – Limit 1

Get $4.49 EB wyb Be Koool from Fever Discomfort Gel Sheets for Kids 4 ct. $4.49 – Limit 1

Get $5.99 EB wyb Breathe Right Nasal strips + Bonus Size 10+2 ct. $5.99 – Limit 1

Get $1.99 EB wyb CVS Dental Flossers 90 ct. $1.99 – Limit 1

Get $2.99 EB wyb Listerine Pocketpaks 72 ct. total $2.99 – Limit 2

Get $2.99 EB wyb Finish Quantum 10 ct. $2.99 – Limit 1

Get $2.99 EB wyb Advil 10 ct. $2.99 – Limit 1

Get $2.99 EB wyb Pepto-Bismol 4 oz $2.99 – Limit 1

Get $5.29 EB wyb iChill Relaxation Shot Dietary Supplement 2 pk. $5.29 – Limit 1

Get $1.69 EB wyb Starbucks Double Shot 6.5 oz Single Can $1.69 – Limit 1

Get $3.99 EB wyb Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies 6 ct $3.99 – Limit 1

Get $1.69 EB wyb Balance Bar 1.76 oz $1.69 – Limit 1

Get $2 EB wyb Wet N Wild Festive Flirt Nail Kit $2.88 – Limit 1

Get $2 EB wyb Softlips Single pk. 0.07 oz $2 – Limit 1

Get $2.77 EB wyb Irish Spring Deodorant 2.7-3 oz $2.77 – Limit 4

Get $1 EB wyb Kleenex Cool Touch Tissues 50 ct. $1.50 – Limit 1

Get $1 EB wyb Select Carmex 0.15-0.35 oz $1 – Limit 1

Get $2.49 EB wyb L.A. Looks Styling Gel 20 oz $2.49 – Limit 1

Get $2.99 EB wyb G-U-M Super or Micro Tip Soft Toothbrush 2 ct $2.99 – Limit 2

Get $1.49 EB wyb Benefiber Sticks Trial Size 3 ct $1.49 – Limit 1

Get $1.87 EB wyb Theraflu Caplets 8 ct $1.87 – Limit 1

Get $0.99 EB wyb Theraflu Daytime or Multi-Symptom Travel Size, 1 Packet $0.99 – Limit 1

Get $3.99 EB wyb Sheets Energy Strips 10 ct $3.99 – Limit 1

Get $3.99 EB wyb CVS Alkaline Batteries $3.99 – Limit 1

Get $4.00 EB wyb Revlon Nail (Excludes Top Speed) $4.99 – Limit 6

Get $6.99 EB wyb Philips Earbuds $6 – Limit 1

Get $6.99 EB wyb Philips or Magnavox Universal Remote $6.99 – Limit 1

Get $2EB wyb General Mills Chex, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Total 10.6-14oz $2.87 – Limit 1

Get $0.75 EB wyb Mars Chocolate Single Serve 1.08-2.15oz $0.75 – Limit 4

Get $2.87 EB wyb Colgate MaxClean SmartFoam, MaxWhite, MaxFresh 6 oz., Total Gum Defense, Advanced or Enamal Strength 4 oz $2.87 – Limit 2

$10 GC wyb $30 (Limit 3)

14.5″ Light Up Snowman $8.88
20-Pc candle set $8.88
Ladder Climbing Snowman $18.88
Animated Musical Carousel $18.88
Merry Brite Light sets 100ct $1.88
12-pc Stoneware Dinner Set $9.88
Hershey’s Holiday Assorted 7.8-8.5oz 2/$5
Hershey’s Extra large bar 4-4.5oz B2, G1 free
Hershey’s Snack Size assorted 8pk B2, G1 free

$10 GC wyb $30 (specially marked Items, same deal as above?)

Style Snaps $9.99
Pee Wee Pillow Pets $12.99
Furniture Fix $14.99
Easy Feet $9.99
Swivel Store $19.99
The Belly Burner $19.99
Slice O Matic, Yoshi Blade $19.99
One Second Needle $9.99
Chef Basket $9.99
RoboStir Eggies $9.99

Emerson Tabletop Air Hockey or Ping Pong Game $9.99
Motorized Pottery Wheel by Discovery Kids $19.99
Ice Cream Maker by Discovery Kids $19.99
Black Spider Wireless Indoor Helicoptor $19.99
Speed Bumpers RC Vehicles $19.99

Powered Ford F-150 Truck $19.99
Construction Vehicles Play Set $19.99
Wooden Castle by Discovery Kids $19.99
Adventure Play Tent by Discovery Kids $19.99
Cash Register by Discovery Kids $19.99
Plush Rocking Horse w/ sounds $29.99
Emerson Motion-Activated Candy Dispender $19.99

Flameless LED Tea Lights 20ct or 4pk Flameless Candles $9.88
Sarah Payton jewelry tree, jewel tone or flameless candle set, LED candle water fountain or slate tower fountain $9.99
Essence of Beauty Gift Sets PSA $4.99
Essence of Beauty ?? tote with umbrella or weekender bag $9.99

iTower Stereo System (limit 2) $68.88

7″ Portable LCD TV (limit 2) $78.88

Sylvania Wireless Touch Screen Tablet (limit 2) $94.88

60″ Santa with Decorated Tree (limit 2) $68.88

Craig 13″ HD LCD TV (limit 2, model may vary) $94.99

$5 EB wyb Craig 4GB MP3 Plus Vieo Player $23.88 – limit 1

$5 EB wyb Crayola ColroStudio HD $29.99 – limit 1

$5 EB wyb Essence of Beauty Wellness 4pc personal spa set $9.88 – limit 1

$10 EB wyb Select Household Appliances (Popcorn maker, chocolate fountain, Crockpot slow cooker or Rival coffeemaker and more) $18.88

$3 EB wyb Planters Peanuts 16oz, 2/$6

$4 EB wyb Holiday M&Ms, 9.9-12.6oz 4/$10

Other Sales

Hot Wheels or Matchbox Cars 2/$1
BOGO Select Fragrance Gift Sets, Halle Berry Reveal, Heidi Klum Shine, Beyonce Heat Rush, or JLo Glow and more
Phillips Norelco Triple-head razor $26.99

GC deal FAQ

Do I have to buy $30 all in one transaction?
No, you can do as many transactions as you want. The bottom of your receipt will keep a tally of how much you’ve bought, and you’ll receive your GC CRT once you’ve purchased enough in qualifying items.

Will I get my GC if I buy only $29.97 worth of qualifying items?
Yes, CVS deals actually print at 98% of the stated requirement; for this deal, 98% of $30 is $29.40, so that is the minimum at which the CRT will print. Here are the minimum price points to reach to get each GC:
$29.40 x 1 = $29.40
$29.40 x 2 = $58.80
$29.40 x 3 = $88.20
$29.40 x 4 = $117.60
$29.40 x 5 = $147.00
BF NOTE: For the Black Friday GC deal, the limit appears to be 3, not 5, so only the first 3 numbers here may be relevant.

If I buy $40 in one transaction, will the extra $10 carry over?
Yes, in this scenario, you’d actually only need to buy $18.80 more to get another GC CRT (see 98% rule above).

If I buy $60 all in one transaction, will I get 2 GCs?
Yes, in this scenario, you’d receive a CRT good for 2 GCs. The cashier should then let you pick out 2 $10 GCs, and the CRT should take off $20. There was previously a glitch where CRTs for 2 (or possibly more) GCs weren’t taking off the correct amount, but that seems to have been fixed.

If I buy $30 worth of stuff but use $10 in coupons, will I still get my GC?
Yes, you will. Coupons do not affect your GC deal tally; the pre-coupon price is what will count toward your deal.

If I buy something that is BOGO, will the price of both items count toward my GC deal?
No, the amount that counts is the actual price that the item costs, even if it’s on sale. If a widget is normally $5 and is on sale as BOGO and part of the GC deal, $5 will count toward your GC deal if you buy 2 widgets.

How many times can I do the GC deal?
The deal is limit 5 per CVS card per week; that means you can buy a total of $147 worth of qualifying items to get a max of 5 $10 GCs every week. (See 98% rule above to understand why you only need $147, not $150.)
BF NOTE: This is the case for most weeks, but it seems like the Black Friday GC deal is limit 3. We won’t know for sure until the sale goes live, but the Black Friday GC deal might max out at $88.20 rather than $147.

Will my tally carry over to next week, since the GC deal will be running again next week?
No, each week’s deal is separate from the next week’s and has different qualifying products; you only have until Saturday to finish your GC deal purchases for each week. Any leftover tally will disappear on Sunday.

My store activates the next week’s sales early on Saturday afternoon/evening, and I can usually do the following week’s EB deals on Saturday; can I start the next week’s GC deal on Saturday too?
Yes, the GC deal is just like an EB deal in this respect. For the most part, if your store has already activated the next week’s deals on Saturday afternoon or evening, you can start (or even finish) the next week’s GC deal. Just like with EB deals though, there may occasionally be a conflict with the current week’s sales, in which case the items may not count toward the correct deal for you. However, if the qualifying items are ringing up at the sale prices that you expect them to be for the following week’s deal, then most likely they will count toward the GC deal just fine.
BF NOTE: This is only true on normal weeks, not the Black Friday ad. The Black Friday sales probably won’t go into effect until midnight 11/24.

When do the GC deals end?
According to this press release, the promotion will run every week through December 25, 2011.

What gift cards can I pick from?
Your CVS should have a special stash of $10 GCs to use for this promotion; most stores should have GCs for Macy’s, Gap, Applebee’s, Barnes & Noble, Shell, American Express, and CVS.

American Express prepaid cards usually have an activation fee; is there a fee for getting the Amex card as part of this deal?
No, there is no activation fee. If you redeem your GC CRT for a $10 Amex card, you won’t pay anything, and you’ll have the full $10 on your Amex card to spend.