A reader, Growly, let us know that he has a new $2 off Maxwell House Coffee digital coupon.  I check both of my accounts and I had the coupon!

The Maxwell House Ground Coffee Wake Up Roast, 30.65 oz is on sale for $4.99.

Also, Stacie, let us know that the 11.5 oz is on sale 2 for $6 or $3.49 (thanks, Growly!).  So, you can grab the coffee for $1.49 after coupon!

Thanks, Stacie & Growly!


  • Growly November 11, 2020, 09:12

    I also mentioned that this $2 coupon was available in the original free Maxwell Coffee thread. The one that is 2 for $6 is $3.49 if you only buy one. Still, $1.49 is good for 11.5 oz of coffee.

    • Ms. B. November 11, 2020, 09:35

      Thanks, Growly, I’ll update my post! 🙂

    • Gavin November 11, 2020, 12:42

      It was you all along, Growly. I never made any such comment.

      Probably just getting us G’s mixed up on a busy day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Ms. B. November 11, 2020, 13:36


  • SL November 11, 2020, 13:33

    There is a $2 cash back in coupons.com. Will I get cash back if I used coupon on the purchase?

    • Ms. B. November 11, 2020, 13:35

      SL, I highly doubt you’ll the $2 CB from the coupons.com app when you use a coupon.

      • Nick November 11, 2020, 14:55

        For those of you who have a Keurig machine the Kroger family of stores has the VitaCup pods on sale for $7.99 which is a crazy price for 10 cups of coffee. BUT… there’s a grocery digital coupon for $5. Now we’re talkin’! The Genius Blend is delicious, we have tried the others but this one is far superior. These coffees are called blends not because of the beans but because of vitamins added (mostly B vitamins). So be sure to read the label first. I definitely recommend the Genius Blend for a net cost of $2.99 if you have the coupon! Drink a cup every day and you’ll be as smart as Ms. B. 🧐

        • Ms. B. November 11, 2020, 17:09

          Thanks, Nick! I’ve only tried the Genius Blend and you are absolutely correct about how deliciousness of the Genius blend. The coupon expires on 11/13 so I had better post this quickly!