CVS Coupon Overage

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can use a coupon at CVS that higher than the cost of the item and the register lets you have overage…and sometimes not?

MFQ: will beep and will have to be adjusted down, unless you have other items from that same ‘family’ product.

CVS Q: allows overage, unless by chance it is coded to conflict with a $/$$.

MFQ + CVS Q: will allow overage, assuming the MQ is less than the value of the product

 You can use $1 MFQ on a 99¢ item without beep
-If item is on sale & you scan your card after scanning at least 1 item
-To clarify, have the cashier scan at least 1 item before scanning your card
-This way you will get overage given items original price equal or more than MFQ value
-You will need something else to cover overage or it pays for your tax