CVS CRTs This Week…

I gotta make it over to CVS this b/c I didn’t stop by there last week.  I guess every since I got rid of my Extra Bucks, I haven’t had a reason to run in there since I seem to be always at Rite Aid! LOL

Free CVS Hand Sanitizer 2 oz
$3 CVS brand diapers
$4/$10 Revlon
$1 Ponds Towelettes
$1 Vaseline Aloe Lotion
$1 Butterfinger King
$1.50 Pamprin or Premsyn
$1.50 Aquafresh
$2 CVS Spectrivite Vitamins
$7 Zaditor Twin Pack – Stop Eye Itch
$1.50 Rolaids
$1 Durcaell
$1 Charmin
1 Vaseline Aloe Lotion
BOGO Mitchum Deodorant
$ Butterfinger King Size
$1.50 Aquafresh
$3 Huggies Box
$3 L’Oreal Collagen Eye Moisturizer