A reader, Tammy, let us know about the FREE renu Advanced Formula Multipurpose Eye Solution and Covergirl eyeshadows at CVS.  Contact solution is expensive when there’s no deal on it.  Even though we are in the middle of a pandemic and protesting, I need a couple of eyeshadows so I need to stop by CVS!  Below is what Tammy has to say:

Just got back from CVS (before they kicked me out because of looters). Did this:
Renu Contact Solution $7.99 (on sale) – $5 off coupon  = $2.99 get back 3eb
Covergirl eyeshadow $5.89 x 2 = 11.78 – 2 x $3 off coupon = 5.78 get back 6eb

Thanks, Tammy!