According to the upcoming CVS ad preview 12/19 – 12/25, there is an announcement that CVS is moving their ads online and in store only.

We cannot make this stuff up.🀣

Pic source The Couponing Couple


  • Trish December 15, 2021, 16:19

    I actually prefer to have an ad in front of me to look and if need be mark up, instead of squinting at either my phone or computer…they stopped putting the ads in the Sunday paper about a year ago here in Orange County (CA), and if I’m driving by a CVS I try to stop in just to pick up an ad which (usually) is available as soon as you walk into the store.

    • Ms. B. December 15, 2021, 16:43

      NO ONE asked CVS to stop putting the ads in the Sunday paper nor in our mailboxes and I really don’t like the fact that we cannot enlarge the online ad on our phone or desktop. I have a post coming out tomorrow about the darn weekly ads. 🀣

    • Ms. B. December 15, 2021, 16:44

      I’m not yelling at you…I’m yelling CVS with my all caps.🀣

      • Trish December 16, 2021, 08:12

        Yeah…I figured you weren’t mad at me πŸ™‚ Not certain who wrote the first paragraph regarding customers NOT wanting the ads in newspapers. I think they stopped after the pandemic started…along with Rite Aid & Walgreens. My Sunday paper ads went from ‘thick to thin’!

        Just got back from a week in Lake Tahoe…yep…stopped into their CVS just to pick up an ad! Huge beautiful store they have there.

        • Trish December 16, 2021, 08:17

          And one more thing…I agree with you…can’t enlarge the ad, even on the computer. If you hover over an item & click on it, it’ll appear larger in a square (who wants to do that for multiple items?)

        • Ms. B. December 16, 2021, 08:40

          I was joking in the first paragraph and I’ve removed it. My goodness, I know that Tahoe was cold a all get out but beautiful. I love the scenic drive between Sacramento and Tahoe. I always recommend to people here to take vacation in Tahoe…there is so much to see but everyone always goes to Vegas…and I always tell them there’s casinos in Tahoe!🀣

          • Trish December 16, 2021, 12:05

            It’s a tradition to go to Tahoe the first week of December…usually stay in South LT, but this time chose Incline Village, NV, and were able to stay at the Hyatt through our timeshare. Just a few steps from the casino…lucky me! In South LT, the Mont Bleu just became a Bally’s…we’ll see what changes they have in store.

            And yes, love the drive…usually spend the first night of the trip in Rancho Cordova…always stop in Folsom and Placerville…such nice towns!

          • Ms. B. December 16, 2021, 12:30

            Rancho Cordova is our old stomping grounds, both of my brothers graduated from Cordova HS. Rancho, Folsom and Placerville were kinda hick towns when I was growing up. Anyone who went to Folsom HS was considered a country bumpkin. My parents actually bought their first home in Fair Oaks and it was considered out in the country and I graduated from Bella Vista HS…which at that time was considered one of the best high schools in Sac. Of course, Folsom, Fair Oaks, Rancho Cordova all used to be towns (or neighborhoods within Sacramento) but after I left, they all became their own cities with their own police departments and city governments.

            I love watching the Sacramento news because they talk about the Sacramento, of course, but also the Bay Area news, as well as, the smaller communities north of Sacramento bc those communities don’t their own TV station so they depend on Sacramento for their news.

            Aaaahhhhhhh, Incline Village…there is so much to see and all anyone wants to do is go to Vegas!🀣

  • jessica white December 15, 2021, 17:09

    There is 100% back promotion on Fetch app for on Aleve products. And I’m wondering if I would get that reward in full if I use EBucks? Thanks

    • Stacie December 15, 2021, 17:23

      Jessica, I used extra bucks and care pass this morning on the aleveX and received full credit back.

      • jessica white December 15, 2021, 18:34

        Did they credited you automatically or you needed to correct the receipt?
        Also, what was your subtotal? I believe someone mentioned that it’s better to have zero subtotal to have an option to correct a receipt. Otherwise they just give you pennies you actually paid but not a full price.

        • Stacie December 16, 2021, 07:25

          Yes I had to correct my receipt, but I have to do that half the time anyway. Subtotal was $1.68 and got 14,962 back. The AleveX was $14.79

  • Growly December 15, 2021, 18:49

    It’s been like that in the Los Angeles area for quite some time.