CVS: New Info on CVS Raincheck Policy!

CVSA couple of days ago, I wrote a post about the CVS Rumor Mill regarding that CVS may update their official Coupon Policy to include verbiage in their policy that all CVS stores will except expired CVS coupons.  As it stands right now most CVS stores do not accept expired CVS coupons.

1However, a reader, LMarie, found verbiage on the CVS website under the FAQ’s in which they say they do accept expired CVS coupons with a Raincheck!!!!!

I can now easily understand the confusion why most stores have not been accepting the expired CVS coupons b/c it’s not in the policy but it’s part of the FAQ’s.  So, print the FAQ’s for now until CVS updates their Coupon Policy.  If you have a tough store, you may want to email CVS and get the response in writing to print and take it to your local CVS manager to discuss the matter.  It is always best to speak to the manager instead of individual cashiers so that the manager can educate their staff.

Thanks, LMarie!