CVS: New Pharmacy and Health Rewards

1CVS is changing how we earn Extra Bucks for prescriptions filled at the Pharmacy.  I think we use to get 1 or 2 Extra Bucks per prescription towards our Quarterly Rewards but now CVS has rolled out the new Pharmacy and Health Rewards.

A reader, DMC, had given me a heads up that it was coming!  I get my prescriptions and Kevin’s prescriptions filled at CVS.

How It Works
  • Your Pharmacy & Health ExtraBucks Rewards™ can be used like your other ExtraBucks® Rewards on most items
    in the store.**
  • You must join to earn. You can keep using
    the same ExtraCare® card.
  • Each person who joins can earn up to $50 Pharmacy
    & Health ExtraBucks Rewards™ each year.
  • Family members sharing an ExtraCare® card
    need to sign up individually to earn.
  • Your balances reset on January 1.