I stopped by CVS on my way to pick up the turkey and the Milky Way Bars 2.05oz rang up at $.50 each and I got the $1.50 in Extra Bucks when I bought 3 of them!!!!!!!  I bought the regular, traditional Milky Way Bars.

The  B2G1 MILKY WAY Brand Bars coupon does auto-deduct $1.29 but the cashier reduced the amount of the coupon to $.50. 🙁

I wanted to give a heads up but I do not know if they will ring up at your store for .50 cents but you can scan them so you won’t be surprise once you get to the register!


  • LFS November 23, 2012, 05:50

    The dark chocolate rang up at $.75 the milk chocolate $.50 at my local CVS

    • admin November 23, 2012, 16:56

      You got a slight Money Maker on the candy.