CVS Rumor Mill

CVSThere is a faint rumor out there that CVS flew allot of Bloggers (I wasn’t invited 🙁 ) out to their HQ offices trying to get feedback on how to do things better…and testing the waters for opinions on loading Extra Bucks directly to your card.

This is just a rumor.

I can tell you that CVS do actually invite Bloggers to their headquarters and a few years ago, CVS was doing testing on loading Extra Bucks directly to card but then pulled the plug but there was no reason why they stopped the tests…maybe, they stopped b/c of the feedback that they get from Bloggers?  I don’t know.



  • LMarie January 3, 2013, 12:18

    what are your thoughts about the rumor of ECB’s loaded to the card? What are your pros and cons?

    • admin January 3, 2013, 16:10

      LMarie, that’s a good question. Personally, I would have no problem with the ECBs being loaded to card b/c I have just one card, it would make my life easier not having manage “paper” ECBs which can be lost, stolen or destroyed (all which has happened to me) and it would keep me organized. However, the cons would be the growing pains of transitioning to a paperless system, someone does not have a computer or who is still on dial-up may not easily be able to manage their ECBs online and control over managing your paper “bucks”.