CVS: Scan Your CVS Card

CVSI had a SUPER busy day on my job and I brought home work.  But earlier today, a reader, Ney, let me know that when she scanned her CVS card at the Redbox scanner, she received (2) $10/$50 CVS Coupons!!!!!!!!  She also let her friends know about it and they also received (2) $10/$50 CVS Coupons.

Thanks, Ney!

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  • Meryl January 31, 2013, 07:42

    Not here but i did get 2 off 2 tresemme products which pairs nicely w the bogof q. The split end remedy styler is awesome but i have to thin it as its too thick for my hair. Tresemme is 2 for 7 this week.