Decided to fully DMV savings acct…

Last night when I came home from my trip and was looking at my ING accts, I decided to fully fund my ING DMV savings acct. I get paid on 5/29/09. I had decided back in Mar/Apr to throw $125 each paycheck into savings and divide the money between 6 ING savings accts. So, here’s how this Friday’s $125 will be divided up:

  • $61 DMV – current balance $119.05, fully funded at $180
  • $30 House Closing – current balance $172.07, fully funded at $5,000
  • $24 Car Insurance – current balance $207.15 fully funded at $348
  • $10 AAA Card – current balance $21.01 fully funded at $67

My ING Car Insurance savings account will be fully funded by my 6/12/09 paycheck with a little overage of $8.15 which will go towards my 2010-2011 insurance bill. So in summary, by June 12th, I will have two savings accts fully funded. Probably by my 6/26/09 paycheck, I will also fully fund my AAA Card.

When you are working your budget, you have to figure in such things as, car insurance, car insurance deductible (I haven’t started that yet), AAA card, DMV, trips, etc b/c it’s money that you have to spend so why not put it into your budget so that you truly know where your money is going and you know where to cut back if you need to do that, too.

It’s all about saving money and building up the Benjamins!