Back in April 2020, I posted that Calif Orders Insurance Companies to Refund Premiums to Drivers and Businesses and the insurance companies had until August to refund the premiums.

If you did not get a refund of your premiums for the months of March and April 2020, file a Consumer Complaint Online with the California Department of Insurance.  Let your insurance company respond to the State of California as to why you haven’t received your COVID19 Refund.

Thanks Anna for the reminder about the insurance refund because a lot of people are hurting financially and we all can use every single dollar that we can get!


  • Anna September 15, 2020, 12:24

    I left a comment about this back in May; I’m with Progressive and they refused to give out refunds for March despite being aware of the California Commissioner’s order. Well, they’re still refusing.
    The reason I’m particularly incensed about it lately is that I did actually file a consumer complaint with the state in August – three weeks later I got an email from the “investigator” assigned to it, which in extremely circuitous language confirmed that all my complaints are valid; they contacted Progressive, which confirmed they’re not providing rebates for March. The investigator’s email then stated they’re *closing my case* without taking any action besides making a note of it for the future (for unspecified purposes).

    So I can’t help but conclude that even the state Insurance Commissioner’s office will refuse to do anything about a legitimate case of a major company blatantly breaking their own laws unless a LOT of people raise a giant stink about it.
    Please make sure to file complaints, everybody. Even if they gave you rebates for other months, in California you’re still entitled to a rebate for March.

    • Ms. B. September 16, 2020, 06:32

      Anna, wow, just wow! I didn’t know that corporations can ignore the State of California and the state doesn’t do anything about the enforcement of their rules. Call your state senator to ask for an assist with the matter because it is election season and you are voter they will be happy to help and say what transpired with the Insurance Commissioner’s office. Sad that the “investigator” had no authority to enforce the mandates of the state.