1If you have a Dollar General in your area and you need baby and/or toddler clothing, you best get to Dollar General first thing in the morning!!!  If you have a Baby Shower or a toddler birthday coming up, it’s best to buy now.

I saw on youtube that the baby and toddler clothing with red or blue/lavendar dots on the tags are ringing up for 1 penny ($.01).

To my knowledge, there is no Dollar Generals in San Diego.


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  • Gee May 7, 2013, 01:33

    My sis lives nearby a DG they send her coupons in the mailbox for penny items like get 5lbs of potatos for a penny, clorox bleach for a penny a total of 4 or 5 penny items on the flyer. The catch is you have to spend $10 though, its similar to Albertsons catalinas that make items free after 5-10 dollars, I get bread, cereal and bananas free after $10.