Don’t Bank with the Bank of Ibotta

Saving with Sha on YouTube had an absolutely great title for her video which I borrowed for this post because I have been saying for many, many years to cash out your money from the rebate apps each month because you never know when they will fold.

It was just earlier, this year, January and February, when Ibotta was locking customers’ accounts preventing them from withdrawing their earnings.  We

Today is the last day of the month and if you meet the minimum threshold to withdraw your earnings then do so.

It’s better to have the money in your PayPal account and you can transfer it to a savings account.

Ibotta is a corporation and their main focus is to make money.  Ibotta will charge a $3.99 inactivity fee, per month, if you have money in your account after 180 of not redeeming an offer for 180 days.

Withdraw your money!