1There’s a big difference in getting the things that I need versus what I want.

Needs are normally defined as Food, Water, Clothing and Shelter to you as a person to stay alive.  Everything else in your life is really a want.  The type of food, water, clothing and shelter that we obtain is a want and some would categorize clothing as shelter from the elements.

However, I think only getting necessities would be very boring Drugstore Barbie lifestyle.

That is why is essential to save for the things that one wants and not go broke getting them.

I had a comment from a reader from my last Drugstore Barbie post on how I was able to afford the Coach Kristin Leopard Haircalf Clutch for $209.  The original cost of the bag was $450 but I got it on sale for the $209 price.

I have a “Handbag” fund in my Capital One 360 account (formerly ING). In my 360 account, I save for things I want and things that I pay for on an annual basis, i.e., car insurance.

Since the Drugstore Barbie is a Coach handbag girl, I put money aside each month for a Coach bag. It may appear that I just out and get high end things but the true reality is that I save, save, and save. I consider my handbag account to be fully funded at $650. Keep in mind that I buy a new Coach bag about every two years.

To get the things you want, you must do your research, make a plan and set goals.

1. Write down what it is that you want?

2. Does it need to be brand new or can it be slightly used?

3. Where can you buy it?

4. What is the price range?

5. How long will it take to save for what you want?

6. How much money will you need to save each pay day to meet your goal?

Successful people always plot and plan for the things they want, they never go into an acquisition negotiation not knowing facts and not planning, they go into it with their eyes wide open, knowing the answers and their options before acquiring something.


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