Drugstore Barbie Back on a Budget!

1All the Sequester talk in the news lately has got me kinda nervous b/c I don’t how the economy is going to react.  I have actually been scaling back my spending for a couple of months.  When I went home to Sacramento last month, I did not get a rental car like I normally do b/c I wanted keep the money that I would have used on a rental car in my pocket.

What I had been noticing about my finances is that my discretionary funds has been shrinking.

However, let me say that I had kinda allot in my discretionary fund.  Keep in mind that I have an Emergency Fund, money going into a 401K Plan, money in an IRA, and a savings account just for annual payments, such as, car insurance, car registration, etc.

I have got to get myself back track with a real budget, break out my spreadsheet and start with a new budget.  I also need to be more vigilant about rolling my store rewards into rebates.

The first thing that I will do is write down all my monthly bills.  My cable has gone up recently so I can look there to cut back on cable and I will have money at my disposal.

Then I am going to have to figure how much should I have in a discretionary fund?  I need to define what does a discretionary fund mean to me.

I will everyone updated on my budget and saving money!



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