Easy Touch Pilot Pens 2ct…

The Easy Touch Pilot Pens 2ct did not clear my SCR acct.  The Pilot SCR  is only for the 1 count.

Also, as a side note, the Venus Razors that I bought did not clear my SCR acct b/c it excludes Venus Embrace!

I guess I’ll have to do “return and re-buys”…..LOL


  • DMC in DC August 4, 2010, 04:03

    The Nature Made Sleep didn't count towards the vitamins SCR either. It said any Nature Made vitamin or supplement, and I guess these are not considered supplements. I sent an email asking, but doubt I will get the credit. It's ok though. I still love these sleep aids the most.

    Though just goes to show how careful you have to read everything. I got screwed on the blink SCR two months ago for 7.99, as the signage in the store said the one I got counted, but it was "blink contacts" and not "blink -tears-" or something like that and it was off a few fractions of an ounce, and after I threw away the box they said it didn't count, and I couldn't return it. I was so mad. Bow I don't open anything or throw anything away until they process the dang receipt.

  • Ms Benjamins August 4, 2010, 04:38

    DMC, it's best to call CS on a situations like the Nature Made Sleep Aid…I'd consider it a supplement. When I question why an SCR hasn't cleared, I always call b/c for some reason, half the time the folks that man the SCR emails are not as diligent in their response to emails. However, I find they are much more forth coming and will take care SCR problems when you speak to them on the phone.

  • DMC in DC August 5, 2010, 15:06

    I got an update email today on my SCR account and checked, and I do have credit for the Nature Made Sleep now. 🙂

  • Ms Benjamins August 6, 2010, 00:18

    YAY, you got credited the Nature Made Sleep! Probably someone else complained to RA about the situation and they updated their computer system. LOL