Fetch Rewards Suspended My Account🤔

I received an email from Fetch Rewards with the subject “Account Status Update” and their email is shown above.

I didn’t request for my account to be deactivated and last week, I submitted a grocery receipt for which I received 50 points.

Thank goodness, Fetch Rewards had given me the FREE Knorr Selects offer which enabled me to get a $50 Walmart gift card which I quickly redeemed for a Christmas gift for my middle brother.  Keep in mind, I was nervous as a cat letting those points sit in my account waiting for the right offer to cash out my points but I’m so grateful that I pulled the trigger and moved quickly to get the gift card prior to them suspending my account.

Literally, the Christmas gift was in my cart and then I requested the $50 Walmart gift card.  Fetch Rewards is super fast with giving us the gift card once we request it.  It was less than 5 minutes after my request that they emailed the gift card to me and I copied and pasted the gift card information into my Walmart account and the gift was on it’s way to my brother’s house.

I’m not sure if hackers tried to redeem my points but I was too fast for them or what.

I did reply to their email with a very simple “Why has my account been suspended?” and hopefully, they will provide me an answer within the next 7 days.


  • tina November 12, 2020, 16:17

    OMG! Those rebates apps are so unpredictable! Disappearing offers, denied cash back and suspended accounts! Makes me wonder did some people take advantage so they are acting so ungraciously; or, were they created to be cheaters in the first place. So many of us just look for a good deal and make purchases because of expected rebates. That’s why the old good coupons are best in my opinion – get discount at the register or leave it there if the coupon doesn’t work. Not just worry post factum if we will get our money back or not.

    • Ms. B. November 12, 2020, 17:00

      This is my first time ever having a problem with Fetch BUT I don’t use it a lot. Like I don’t scan every receipt, I only scan a receipt for a specific Fetch offer that I’m redeeming, my time is valuable.

      Now, I have heard that hackers had stolen Kellogg’s Family Rewards points and that is the reason there are new protocols in place at Kellogg’s Family Rewards due to theft but I’m not sure how wide spread the hacking is because they don’t announce that there has been a breech in their system.

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