A reader, Tammy, mentioned in the comments that on the Fetch Rewards app, the $3 gift cards that she usually gets is now 3500 points, not 3000.

Sure enough, I went to the Fetch app and checked and sure enough, the $3 Amazon and Target gift cards the points requirements had been raised from 3,000 ($3) to 3,500 points.  You will also noticed that the Walmart $5 gift card, the points are raised to 6,000 and the $10 Walmart gift is now raised to 11,500 points.

The minimums have been raised on the Visa and MasterCard gift cards as you see above.

I, myself, is only like 300 points from a $25 Amazon gift card and I plan to buy a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch at CVS for $1.99 and use the $1 off 1 General Mills peelie coupon that I think I found in Septemberish, pay $0.99 and submit my receipt for 500 points.  I can then request my $25 Amazon gift card.

Fetch Rewards has raise the points because of the Rona (CoronaVirus).  They are trying to buffer themselves against any ill effects as we all have been forced to stay home which means they are not making much money.

When I wrote contracts, I always wrote in a clause about natural disasters, war, strikes, weather, and all kinds of stuff to limit our risk in a project if a calamity should happen and we typically say it’s an unforeseen condition which when the bad does happen, we still have to negotiate to limit liability.

I remember a couple of months ago, I was telling my brother about my last project was $200 million that we were working to exist from project without going to court.

Fetch Rewards have language in their contracts with Visa, Walmart, Amazon and so on that if something catastrophic happens that they can raise points requirements to make themselves whole.  All contracts should have an escape hatch should something bad happen because each party has an obligation to mitigate their losses.

Anyways, just be aware that Fetch Rewards have updated points requirements on select gift cards.