Finding the Proantnox at Rite Aid…

I dragged myself up b/c I kept thinking about the Rite Aid deals SCR deals and went to Rite Aid last night.  Yes, I have an ear infection but I couldn’t stop thinking about Rite Aid plus I had those Rite Aid Adperk q’s.

I had one heck of a time find the darn Proantnox, I hope that I am spelling it right. 

The Proantnox is $6.99 get $6.99 SCR…so, FREE after the Single Check Rebate (SCR).

..AND I had one of those Rite Aid Adperk coupons for $3 Proantinox which means that Rite Aid is paying me $3 to take the Proantnox out of the door.

But where to find it in the store?  I looked in the women’s feminine products aisle…nope?  I looked in the upset stomache aisle…nope.  Then, I went over to the Vitamin Section…and there it was!

So, you may have to walk around awhile before finding the Proantnox.  It’s suppose be a urinary tract clensing stuff.

Here’s a $3 Printable Proatinox Q.