I want to say it was about 3 years ago that we were able to get the Kroger Aluminum Foil 200 sq ft for FREE and that tin foil lasted a whole year then last year, they had the Kroger Aluminum Foil 200 sq ft on sale for $5.99 and it too lasted a year.  However, this year, when I went looking for the Kroger Aluminum Foil 200 sq ft at Ralphs, it was no where to be found and it was so odd because this year in particular, I have been in and out of Ralphs doing deals and I couldn’t find the Kroger Aluminum Foil 200 sq ft.  Most of the Ralphs stores around me sell the Reynolds Wrap tin foil and not the Kroger tin foil which is cheaper.

Anyways, quite by accident, I was looking at the digital coupons on the Food 4 Less website and there’s a $0.60 off Kroger Aluminum Foil (50 sq ft or larger) digital coupon that you can use up to 5 times in a single transaction.  Plus, when I look at the qualifying items, it shows that Kroger Aluminum Foil 75 sq ft on sale for $2.50 which after the digital coupon makes the tin foil just $1.90.  I will definitely be maxing out this deal.

I really like the Ralphs foil and it’s very comparable to Reynolds Wrap.  Don’t waste your money on the Walgreens foil.

For context, at Walmart the Reynolds Wrap is $3.48.

The Walmart Great Value is $2.23 for 50 sq ft.

Of course, the best time to get aluminum foil is after the Christmas holidays when it’s 90% off when you can find it! 🙂