A Los Angeles food bank was giving away food to needy families and if you didn’t see the long line on your local news then click the picture above.  The line was incredibly long but when you are not working and you haven’t gotten your unemployment check and you haven’t gotten your $1,200 stimulus check, you have no other choice but wait  in a humungous line to food for a week.  This people aren’t worried about getting the CoronaVirus because they need food.  The line remind of those old black and white films from the Great Depression in the 1930’s of people standing in line for food.

There are a lot of folks out of work or on furloughed that paid rent on April 1st but now they are out of food.

The food lines are going to get longer and worst.  I read over the weekend that customers are accusing the Instacart workers of stealing food from customers.

Again, we are all going to have to be flexible as none of us has been down this road before.