Four (4) Freebies!!!!

There are four (4) new Ibotta freebies that is valid at multiple stores including the grocery stores, drugstores, Walmart and Target in which we can use our stores rewards!!!

$2.99 Gatorade Super Shake, select varieties, single  for select varieties, single serve 11.16 fl oz bottle only

$1.59 Gatorade Recover Protein Bars, any variety, 1ct only

$2.99 Muscle Milk, any variety, 1 ct only

$3.69 Plant-Based Protein Shake,  any variety, 1 ct only


  • Tammy December 23, 2020, 19:58

    My rite aid only sold the muscle milk and it was shelf priced at $3.79 but rang up $4.49 and with tax $5.01!! Needless to say that even with my gold discount I left it at the cash!

  • Nick December 23, 2020, 21:07

    If you are trying for an Ibotta bonus make sure you redeem as many of these as possible at WalMart. There are “any item” earnings which count, plus you’ll get the lowest prices. So make sure you have activated ALL “any item” offers as well as the items Ms. B. described perfectly above. The Gatorade bar was in my pharmacy section. The other items were towards the back of the store at the end of the row of soft drinks before you get to dairy at the back.

    • tammy December 24, 2020, 11:22

      Walmart is too far for me. I checked CVS and they didn’t have any of the items. Vons did though. Muscle Milk was $3. used overage from my weekly q’s to pay $2.13 and got back $2.99

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