Yesterday, was a frantic day for me.  I am participating in a conference, this week, and I needed to print a document before heading to the conference and my printer working.  I tried frantically to get the darn printer to print until I ended up leaving to go to the conference without the document.

After the conference, I had to stop by Rite Aid to finish of the 3M deal b/c I wanted to use the L2Cs before they died.

I came home and I went to work on trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with the printer.

For whatever reason, I was getting a message that my printer was offline.

The reason I was in such a panic about the printer b/c it’s the end of the month and new printable coupons will come out on the 1st of the month.

I searched the internet high and low and I tried all sorts of things…and I still could not get the printer back online.

I, finally, ended up uninstalling the printer drivers and re-installing the printer drivers to get the darn thing back online…and I was to print!

I honestly have no clue why the printer went offline but I am so happy that the darn thing is working again…and I got my $10 3M +Up!