A couple of weeks ago, my son was sick with the flu for a full week and I’m so grateful that as couponers, we tend to pick cold and flu medication as part of what we do each year so that we do not need to go out and pay top dollar for over-the-counter (OTC) medications.  My family has Kleenex, cough drops and OTCs as part of our stockpile because there is nothing worse then being sick and you nothing in your bathroom cabinet to battle the cold.

There is a new FREE Alka-Seltzer Plus PowerMax Gel product rebate (up to $11.99) that is valid between 10/14/18-11/4/18. Submit your online rebate request by visiting rebate.alkaseltzerplus.com, which includes uploading UPC and receipt. Requests must be submitted by 11/18/18. Allow 8-10 weeks to process. Limit 1 Rebate per person/household. Only street and rural routes will be accepted.  For full terms and conditions, visit rebate.alkaseltzerplus.com.

Walmart sells the Alka-Seltzer Plus PowerMax Gel for $6.62 and use the $3 Alka-Seltzer Plus PowerMax Gel coupon on the coupons.com app.  I recommend that your receipt on the app first and then once that has cleared to then submit your receipt for the rebate (using a different email addy).  I will be a $3 Money Maker.  Of course, if you wish to go through the trouble, you can just buy the product and then submit for receipt.

You do not have to buy the product at Walmart but the image below is what they provided as an example what they want to see on the receipt.