FREE Slow Kettle with Crunchy Toppings!!!

There is a new $2.49 Slow Kettle with Crunchy Toppings for any variety 7.44oz only Ibotta rebate offer that is valid at multiple stores so check the Ibotta app!

I had to restart my cellphone to get this offer to pop up for me.

Thanks, TheCouponer!


  • Nick January 9, 2021, 17:03

    Ibotta pulled the plug early! Finally got to the store, scanned the barcode just to be sure, offer VANISHED! 😡 And never found the free Evolve shake in ANY store either. 😠

    On a brighter note, the 2 free Truvia at Walgreens reset TWICE this week. Hooray! We use a few packets every day with our morning coffee. So with SIX for free we’re all set for a few months.

    • Ms. B. January 9, 2021, 18:28

      Darn, they pulled the Slow Kettle early, I’ll update my post. The FREE Evolve shakes never came into the stores here. In fact, I just went on the Ibotta app and clicked on the “Can’t find this item” button on the app.

      You was lucky to find 6 boxes of the Truvia! I had to go to two different stores and I found one box at one store and I grabbed the last two boxes at the second store.

      • Nick January 10, 2021, 10:39

        This wasn’t exactly a “trick” but after I bought 2 Truvia early in the week I waited to see if there would be an Ibotta reset. Once I saw it I went back to the store and, sure enough, there were none left. I found a manager at the photo counter (which is near the grocery section) and walked him over to the empty Truvia row. He pointed some sort of scanning gun at it and told me exactly when the order would come in! It did (right on schedule) and there were so many Truvia boxes they spilled over into the next section. So, the strategy is to go early for the initial Ibotta offer (which we should be doing anyway). And then if you get a reset and none are left, ASK.

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