Get Your Money and Run

Capitalism is not sustainable.  We have shipped jobs overseas, created rules and regulations in favor of corporations and used the computer/internet to increase productivity and run lean organizations but some how businesses keep merging to stay afloat or they simply shudder.

Capitalism is about crushing your opponents and creating a monopoly across all sectors of everyday life.Therefore, you must be smart, you cannot leave money or points or store rewards sitting in an account.

Saving $200 in your Ibotta, Savingstar or Checkout accounts for little Jimmy’s 5th birthday party in June, is not a smart business move because eventually one of these companies will falter at some point in the future and you do not want to get caught not being able to withdraw your money.

It’s the same with SwagBucks and MyPoints, you don’t want the points sitting there gathering dust, get a $5, $10 or $15 gift card or whatever amount and keep it moving.  I didn’t have enough to get a $25 gift card so I ordered two (2) $10 gift cards and drained the points out of my account.

I will say the same for store rewards that they are not a safety net and these stores must remain flexible and fluid, in order, to survive.  I am pretty sure that all loyalty programs have some sort verbiage that says  that’s it’s at their discretion to change the terms and conditions of their loyalty program.

I do not want you to get caught not having access to funds, points or store rewards.  Get the money and run!