Glade Sense & Spray…Part 2…

Yesterday, I was on a mission to see if the rumor was true that you could find a coupon for FREE Glade Sense & Spray.

The rumor is not a rumor but a FACT…I found the coupon for FREE Glade Sense & Spray!!!!

After work, I stopped by CVS since I had the CVS $5 off Glade coupon. Nope, I didn’t find any there, CVS still had old stock. I then stopped by Vons on 30th Street, they had allot of Glade products there. I started opening boxes to check to see if they had the coupons and YES, the boxes had the coupon for FREE Glade Sense & Spray…but some of the boxes had $3 and $1 off coupons, too. I bought 2 Glades refills and ended walking out of Vons with 2 coupons for FREE Glade.

The coupons are folded into thirds and are kinda small so really if you were not looking for the coupon you’d easily mistaken them for directions and thrown it out.

I also stopped by Albertsons to check out their Glade but they had old Glade stock, too.


  • Maria E. Lopez July 31, 2009, 23:11

    which Vons?? do tell me! :))

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins August 1, 2009, 00:20

    Both Vons in North Park (30th between University & El Cajon plus the Vons on Adams Ave:)