Got Credit for this Rebate!!!

I realize, now, that the beer offer was very targeted.  Some people didn’t get the offer on Checkout 51 or Savingstar, others got the offer only on either one or the other app and then there were still other that received the offer on both apps and I was lucky enough to fall into the latter category…twice.

However, it took a full five days after I submitted my receipt for Savingstar to credit me the $8.99 but keep in mind that I had already gotten the $8.99 from CO51  so I was already a happy camper with the FREE but of course, a Money Maker is always better.


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  • Jill February 12, 2019, 23:08

    Sorry to see it go. But I found another mm which is an extreme ymmv. I’ve done it several times and love it even more with last weekends coupon. At most WM locations u can find the schick intuition f.a.b. refill pack on clearance for $3, the $4 Schick q from last weekends SS covers these. Use the q and get $1 overage at WM, submit to ibotta for $3.50 (up to 3 total), for a $4.50 mm on 1 or a $13.50 mm on 3. Refer to the ibotta offer for a pic, it is that exact item. If u can’t get the q, activate the app $4 q, u will only receive the cost of the item, no overage It has reset 4 times for me. Do a brickseek for the name and u can find the sku or upc. Loving it, good luck! Sorry to be long winded, just want to make sure all questions are covered.

    • Ms. B. February 13, 2019, 08:47

      Jill, the Schick offer has disappeared from ibotta because I cannot find the rebate. 🙁

      • Jill February 13, 2019, 11:26

        Oh, sorry about that, I till have it saved in my account and it expires 7/2/19. It’s like ibotta pulling the $6 on 2 Clairol Permanent Root Touch Up rebate as soon as the mfc $8/2 came in last weekends paper.

        • Ms. B. February 13, 2019, 20:01

          They do have a tendency to pull popular rebates. 🙁