I had a great reader comment about the Ace Deal.  The reader wanted to basically know “why would (2) $5 Ace L2C’s come off if on the second Ace item you are below the dollar amount?”

I am sure others out there are wondering the same thing!

How the Rite Aid registers work is that when an item is on BOGO or BOGO50% off, it scan it at your discount (if you have one) b/c the register does not know if you are going to buy a second item. It then also scan the second BOGO/BOGO50% off item at your discount. It’s not until the cashier pushes the Total Key that the registers processes the items as BOGO/BOGO50% off and that’s why you see BOGO and BOGO50% off items at the bottom of your receipt.

After you scan your Wellness Card or give your phone number, as soon as, for example, Nature Made product is scanned, the L2C eCoupon comes off of your receipt. The Total Key does not have to be pushed to get the L2C to come off.

So, in the case of the Ace Bandages senario below, the registers see your discount (if you have one) and when the items are scanned, the two $5 L2Cs come off immediately before the cashier hits the Total Key.

You must buy the ACE family code of 51131 that’s part of the UPC code on the product.

Buy 1 ACE Brace support product $7.99
Buy 1 ACE Bandage Product $3.34 (BOGO50% reg price $6.69)

Total $11.33

Use -$2 Ace Brace & Supports Printable
Use -$1 Ace Bandage Printable
Use -$5 Futuro L2C
Use -$5 Futuro L2C

Total after coupons used = $0.00 + $1.67 overage

I hope my explanation help some of you understand the Rite Aid registers, as well as, how the L2Cs work!