GUM PerioBalance at Rite Aid…

As I was whizzing up and down the aisles of Rite Aid yesterday, I came upon a $3 GUM PerioBalance coupon in the Toothpaste Aisle and the coupon doesn’t expire until 12/31/10.

The only reason that the coupon caught my eye is b/c I had gotten on the Adperk website and there was a $5 GUM PerioBalance Adperk coupon for July.

These are pricey, I don’t remember the price but as I grabbed the coupons (it was in a larger verson of a blinkie, in some sort of comtraption that sticks out so that customers can get them), I thought to myself that these are expensive.

Hopefully, RA will have some sort of sale on them and make for a great filler item with the $3 Qs and the $5 Adperk Q.

So, be on the lookout for the $3 GUM PerioBalance Q’s down on the Toothpaste aisle at your local Rite Aid!