Happy New Year 2013 Everyone!!!!!!!!!

1HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to thank everyone for supporting me and this Blog.  We went through allot of changes in 2012 in the Drugstore/Deals Game and every time a change came our way, we were able to adapt to the changes and still save LOTS of money.

I truly believe that 2013 will be bigger and better!

I will not be blogging today but the CVS Preview will be up at 1pm PST as usual.

Please, relax and stay save! 🙂


  • denise pittman January 1, 2013, 05:54

    I would have to say all the deals this year have been great. My favorite as of now is the $10.00 gillette coupon deals

  • michelle January 1, 2013, 18:31

    Happy Blessed New Year!