The SoBe Life game has RESET.

I just won a FREE SoBe Life drink playing the Heads or Tails game with SoBe Life!  The coupon will be mailed to me in 6 to 8 weeks.

People are reporting that when they when the BOGO SoBe Life coupons they can print it up to 20 times and you can use multiple email addys to play.

When you play the game, make sure that you HIT THE BACK BUTTON and refresh the screen to print the coupon again!!!!!!

If you get a screen that asks for your mailing address than you know that you have won a FREE bottle of SoBe.

SoBe Lifewater goes on BOGO sale all the time, at least once a month so you’d get 2 for FREE.

This not my favorite drink but FREE is FREE, I can always offer it to a friend that stops by for visit! LOL


  • DMC in DC July 3, 2010, 17:26

    I just tried this and first time got the BOGO coupon, and it would only let me print it twice.

  • Ms Benjamins July 3, 2010, 22:37

    It looks like they have reset the limit to 2. I'll edit my post.